快速容易面包 - 没有徳赢彩票投注酵母


Quick & Easy No Yeast Bread

You can make bread without yeast. This recipe is based on Irish soda bread and tastes different from yeast bread but it's really good and toasts nicely too. The less you work the dough the better. -珍妮琼斯





Quick & Easy No Yeast Bread


  • 2杯(8 1/2盎司)通用面粉(测量前且面粉 -怎么看
  • 3/4茶匙小苏打(不是发酵粉)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup buttermilk (No buttermilk? See below)
  • 1 egg (Don't want egg? See below)


  1. 预热烤箱至400°F。
  2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  3. Combine flour, baking soda, and salt in a bowl.
  4. 在一个测量杯中结合酪乳和鸡蛋。
  5. 将酪乳/鸡蛋搅拌成面粉混合物,尽可能少搅拌直至它松散地保持在一起。
  6. 将面团放在面粉表面上,轻轻揉捏五次。
  7. Shape in to a 5-inch round and place on baking sheet.
  8. 用锋利的刀,将x在面团中心切割,约3-4英寸。(这很重要,确保面包在中间烹饪。)徳赢彩票投注
  9. Brush the dough all over with a little buttermilk. (optional)
  10. Bake for 30 minutes.

Don't Want Egg?- 这面包只适徳赢彩票投注用于我的鸡蛋。我试过它没有,它太平坦而且密集了。如果你不能使用鸡蛋,请寻找“爱尔兰苏打面包”食谱,你会在没有鸡蛋的情况下找到许多食谱。徳赢竞技徳赢彩票投注
没有蝴蝶?- I had the best result using real buttermilk. If you make your own buttermilk it won't be as thick so you may have to use less.


  1. Lindy


  2. Mary

    I love your recipes!
    First attempt I used milk and lemon juice. Looked like glue but result was like a giant english muffin. I quartered the loaf. Slice it horizontal and toasted the halved.

  3. Naomi

    Tonight I made pot roast and decided to use this recipe instead of buying bread/buns from the grocery store.
    Great idea!!!
    This was very easy to make and so yummy. I think I needed to stir it a bit more than I did as when I went to knead it it was very sticky. So I’ll make a note of that for the next time.

  4. Kirsty

    I love how you present your cooking videos. They’re so easy to understand and follow. You make it so much fun to bake and cook. Thank you Jenny!

  5. FRANK Musto

    I enjoy your style of teaching the home cook in easy to understand language and clear steps that guarentee great results.May GOD bless you !

  6. Jeanette

    I made this bread today and it was as quick and easy as described it the recipe. I didn’t have buttermilk and soured the milk with vinegar so I did need a little more flour at the knead stage. It really wasn’t a problem. The bread is really good. I’m so happy I tried it. This recipe is a keeper. Thank you.

    • 凯瑟琳的看法


  7. PattiAnn

    谢谢。大面包配方。徳赢彩票投注BTW ...... .x上面让魔鬼出来了。我的爱尔兰奶奶这么说。

  8. Kathleen

    in the bread, why do you put an X on top, is it to let the air to escape?

    • 托比

      I forgot to cut the X and the center did not cook completely. I cut the loaf in quarters, put it back into the oven (with the heat turned off) and it turned out fine.

  9. Lisa


    • CAROL D

      same!! i kept adding flour – I just put in oven but I’m thinking it will not turn out…I do still love your recipes Jenny!

      • 卡罗尔D.

        so mine actually came out ok after being so wet. I just kept adding more flour. I do like yeast bread so much better though…

        • 珍妮可以烹饪


        • carole

          I had the same issue. Followed measurements exactly.. It was like thick oatmeal. added more flour,enough form it maybe3/4 cup 1cup.I baked it .It came out good. 205 degrees on my digitial thermometer. I will also increase salt to 1 tsp the next time I make it.

    • 珍妮可以烹饪

      我想知道这个happen if you don’t use real buttermilk, which is naturally thick. I did mention that it did not turn out well for me with the milk/vinegar mix, although the dough was still thick enough to shape and bake but it did not rise as well.

      • 卡洛维

        嗨珍妮 - 我跟着你的指示,包括使用酪乳。我有一种感觉,我知道我做了什么。我立刻没有将酪乳混合在面粉中,杯子坐着鸡蛋,直到我准备混合和烘烤!我的错…

        • Carole Demaio

          to carol d so I left my buttermilk and egg go to room temp. Do u think thats why my batter was so loose,too

      • Nimmy

        Hi ma’am. I don’t have vinegar..any other optikal to make the buttermilk..

        • 海蒂F.

          You can use lemon juice, too. 1 cup milk, almond milk, or soy milk plus 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Let it sit until it thickens and curdles a bit. As Jenny advises, use a little less than the recipe calls for as buttermilk substitutes may be thinner than real buttermilk.

          • 海蒂F.


  10. Joann Delmar.


  11. NewYorkSue

    This turned out much better than I expected. I think it is best toasted, but is a perfectly presentable loaf of bread and so easy! Thanks, Jenny.

  12. 海蒂F.

    From strike of sudden bread craving to stuffing fresh baked bread in my face (after cooling to a sensible temperature) took less than an hour, yay!

    p.s. tip for people looking for substitutions – try pressing the Ctrl and F keys simultaneously to get a search box. This will search the entire page of words and comments for you – you can type in whole words like “gluten” or partial words like “sub”, which often work even better.

  13. 格兰达

    珍妮, I love your bread recipes so could hardly wait to try this one. I’ve made two loaves so far. The first was straight by your recipe. The second I added a 1/2 cup shredded sharp cheddar. Both turned out great! One could not ask for a quicker or more simple recipe. Thank you!

  14. Linda C

    I made this yesterday. Took a total of 4 hours and 20 minutes. I could not be better pleased with the results. Thanks so much.

    • 珍妮可以烹饪

      Why did it take that long? This is a quick recipe.

  15. Barb

    我有你的硬皮卷和工匠面包再保险徳赢彩票投注cipe proofing now and have enjoyed watching several of your videos . They remind me of several Hungarian recipes i learned to cook for my husband as a young Canadian cook . I told my daughter to take a look at your videos on You Tube . You make everything so easy and fun to watch and she likes cooking European style must be in the blood to have the taste . She loved visiting her grandparents and touring around but her brother loved the food but preferred having it at home in Canada . Thanks Jenny for all your efforts I have learned a few tips to make cooking easier and healthier and still have the taste . Your teaching an old girl new tricks .

  16. Cathy



  17. Laurie

    Take care.

  18. Wallie


  19. 佛罗伦萨

    珍妮, Thank you for posting this recipe. I fell in love with soda bread on a trip to Ireland a few years ago. The only thing I do differently is to bake it in a loaf pan instead of a ball. It gives me more uniform slices.

    Keep up the great work — you are always a ray of sunshine for your fans!


      Dear Jenny I just want to say as soon as I see your name I go right to it! I have over 7000 emails I have not gotten to yet but you are on the top of my list dear lady. May God bless you for bringing joy into our stressful lives.

      • Josée

        tu écrit 2 tasses, 8 onces et demie, ça marche pas 2 tasses = 16 onc

        • 珍妮可以烹饪

          翻译:你写了2杯,8盎司半,它不起作用2杯= 16盎司

          MY RESPONSE:
          2杯面粉为8 1/2盎司。
          2 cups of liquid is 16 ounces.

  20. Sheila

    Just here to say thank you.

  21. 凯蒂

    Are you sure the measurements are right? My dough was like cake mix. I had to add more flour. Thanks.

    • 珍妮可以烹饪

      I’ve made it many times and I don’t post a recipe unless I’m sure it’s correct. Someone already made this bread and sent a photo in “Your Photos.” You may have unknowingly changed something because it’s always a stiff, firm dough.

    • 托比


      • 托比




    • Andie


      • 水晶r.


  22. mollie


  23. sandy



    Sandy,4-18-20 /星期六/ 10:03 AM

    • 珍妮可以烹饪


  24. Fatiha

    God bless you❤️

  25. 布里斯托尔苏


    The Lord bless you! Thank you for doing what you are gifted to do and what you love!!!

  26. Lee


    Do you use Coconut Oil on your face? See you can expand your blog with “looking good while cooking”.

  27. Meg


  28. 乔伊斯


  29. Peggy


  30. 达利拉

    I have been making your recipes for quite a while now.
    Your recipes are spot on, you are doing a great job, so don’t worry.

    • evelyn.

      I agree, Jenny has excellent recipes and explains it all perfect.

      • evelyn.


  31. Joann.

    I have made your recipe a few times now & it is delicious & very easy to make.Very comforting at a time like this

  32. 乔伊斯

    Thank you for the recipes Jenny, just keep posting recipes and leave it up to us to figure it out! All the best to you ❤️

  33. 凯伦森

    Hello Jenny, I spend so much money on bread, for my family. I will try your recipe and stick to it. I miss your videos as they were so entertaining. Thank you, for continuing to post. Stay well.

    • 莎拉

      Look up “Jenny Can Cook” on Utube
      All her old videos are out there.

  34. 特里Z.

    Love your recipes and videos. Thank you for sharing your recipes and ideas.

  35. 来自奥林匹亚沃斯的女家

    珍妮, you are such a thoughtful person to come through with the no-yeast bread recipe for those having trouble finding yeast, or maybe are intimidated by yeast period.


  36. Lois Davis.

    You are amazing. Thanks this is better than the talk shows

  37. 蒂姆

    Greetings Jenny, Just want to say keep up the great work of showing recipes. I made the skillet pizza, using your easy recipe for the dough…it came out great, and the family loved it.

  38. 戴夫


    • 来自奥林匹亚沃斯的女家

      Hi Dave. If you go to Jenny’s FAQ section and scroll down, you will find her answer.

  39. 黛安


  40. Caryn.

    Thanks for another great recipe. I am fortunate that I had just purchased new yeast supply prior to this current situation. I buy the jars of yeast and keep in the freezer. It wakes up just fine. Yet I still had to try this, so simple. Love your recipes and YouTube videos!! Stay well!

  41. 珍妮可以烹饪

    YEAST is the new TOILET PAPER!!

  42. Laurie

    Just read your your bread recipe without yeast and will definitely make it.
    I also freeze the buttermilk in 1 cup portions. When it thaws out I stir it a bit and it works well.

  43. Janice



      Anything goes in an apocalypse.

  44. Janet

    Can this bread be made with gluten free flour ?

  45. Jan Balshaw.

    Love yr cookbook and it’s beautiful pictures. U have been “my friend” for ages and I like to think we are aging gracefully and gratefully together. Wishing u health and happiness always. Drop by anytime…well maybe later…right now I have to visit in my driveway wearing a mask. Ps…That bread is very good.

  46. 弗兰


    • Lynny

      I can’t find yeast either since the Covid crisis began. I can’t wait to try Jennie’s recipe.

      • Brad

        Amazon has yeast for sale as of 4/17 (today).

        • 弗兰

          布拉德!你是一个明星…当我开始狩猎few weeks ago, Amazon was sold out. I bought enough Fleischmann’s yeast to feed the whole town of Roswell, Georgia but can hardly wait to start baking with yeast again! Thank you!

          • Cessy

            …But that’s why the rest of us can’t find any yeast. If everyone just takes what they need or even just a little extra under the circumstances, we could all have yeast and all the staples that we can’t find anymore. I’m not trying to pick a fight here. Just sayin’.

            Thanks JJ for this yeast free recipe.

            • 格洛

              A true statement by Cessy. Just buy what you need. Don’t hoard.

    • Kris

      Restaurant supply places sell yeast in 2 pound bags. I freeze my yeast. Good luck baking.

  47. Enid

    Thank you for this recipe, and all that you do, Jenny! It’s so nice to have an uncomplicated recipe with just a few ingredients. I love your recipes and videos, and if there’s one thing that’s come out of this time, it’s been discovering you. Be well, safe and healthy.

  48. Lynn E


  49. Susan

    So happy that people have turned to you for help during this crisis. I make all of your recipes and now my daughter who teaches is also making them. My nephew in Paris, is using them with his girlfriend. I’ve sent so many people your website! You’ve been a great help to us. Plus love your fun antics too. Thank you! Ontario Cda.

  50. Lani A. M.

    No question, Ms. Jenny! Just wanted to say thank you and hope you and your family are doing well. Love your recipes!

  51. Betsy.

    Was wondering what I was going to make with that buttermilk in the fridge. Now I know. Thank you. You sure CAN cook!

  52. 园林加尔

    看起来好吃,我真的很想尝试这个 - - - 一旦我找到一些面粉!请保持良好,一如既往,谢谢!

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  54. 罗克西

    Love your recipes. Tomorrow I’m going to make the jelly donuts.

  55. 凯蒂

    Hi Jenny – I don’t have a question, I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful recipes!

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