No Knead Fruit & Nut Bread

No Knead Fruit & Nut Bread

这个食谱只适用于面粉或所有目的面粉。徳赢彩票投注我用红色和黄色葡萄干进行颜色。务必减少步骤6中的热量,或者糖会导致底部外壳燃烧。在测量之前,总是可以在你的面粉。(对于过夜方法,只需切换到冷水,让面团在柜台顶部过夜10至12小时)。-Jenny Jones

Prep Time:5 minutes

Cook Time:40 minutes

Total Time:4 hours, 25 minutes

Makes:One loaf

No Knead Fruit & Nut Bread


  • 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
  • 1 1/2 cups bread flour (or all purpose flour)
  • 1/2杯切成小切核桃
  • 1/2至2/3杯葡萄干
  • 3 Tablespoons sugar (or 4 Tbsp. for a sweeter bread)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4茶匙酵母(即时或活性干)

  • 1 1/2 cups warm water up to 130° F.
  • 大约2汤匙额外的塑造面粉


  1. Combine flours, walnuts, raisins, sugar, salt & yeast in a large bowl. Stir in water until it’s well combined.
  2. 用保鲜膜盖住,让客人静置3小时。
  3. 3小时后,面团将变得松脆,用气泡点缀。转移到面粉良好的表面上,用一点面粉撒上面团。使用刮刀折叠面团10-12倍和形状成粗球。
  4. 放入羊皮纸衬里碗(不是蜡纸),盖上毛巾。让柜台顶部约35分钟。
  5. 同时,将3至5 QT荷兰烤箱放在冷烤箱中,盖子,预热至450°F.我的烤箱需要35分钟才能达到450°。
  6. When oven reaches 450°, carefully, using oven gloves, lift the parchment paper and dough from the bowl and place gently into the hot pot. (parchment paper goes in the pot too) Cover and return to oven and immediately REDUCE HEAT TO 400° F. Bake for 30 minutes.
  7. 30分钟后,取出盖子和羊皮纸。回来,露出,烤箱和烘烤约10分钟。

Notes:For more on this recipe in my blog点击这里.

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  1. Patricia

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this recipe. I already LOVE your faster no knead bread. My family loves it. This is the first time I made the Raisin Bread because the store where we always bought it changed the recipe and my husband no longer likes it. So I decided to see if you had one. It is fabulous. I followed the recipe exactly, except I added 1/2 teaspoon of yeast. I also want to note that I use 00 flour from Italy for all my bread baking. It is more expensive, can easily be found in supermarkets, as well as speciality Italian stores. It really makes the difference especially in Italian breads.

  2. Maria

    I was distracted and added warm water when mixing this bread even though I intended to use the overnight method. Will this affect the outcome since I didn’t use cool water? I hope I can salvage it!

  3. Jeanette Schutz.

    Very good!! I’m always doubtful when I see 1/4t yeast, but it did work. I’d like a little taller loaf, but I see from your picture yours is not that tall either. Next time I will add even more sugar than the 4T. I like a sweet bread! Can cinnamon be added and how much? Thanks!

    • Paolo


  4. Ivy

    Oh man this was good!! And so easy too. I used 3/4 c dried fruit, 1/4 c each chopped pitted dates and green and Thompson raisins, plus the 1/2 c walnuts, and it was perfect. I might add a tad bit more salt next time, but that’s just personal taste. I had to freeze the last few slices or was afraid I would have devoured the entire loaf. Thank you for such a great recipe!

  5. Pako

    Hi Jenny,
    我第一次尝试制作你的没有揉捏水果和坚果面包,我用你的指示你的网站和我的面团没有上升或几乎上升,我在想1/4茶匙活性干酵母还徳赢彩票投注不够, I left the dough over night so I’m a little disappointed, please tell me where I went wrong ……….<

    • Baker Barry


  6. DonnaRose


  7. Closet Chef


    • Cecilia


  8. Linda Straczynski

    Hi Jenny, well you did it once again. Fabulous bread. Guests loved it. I used all purpose bread flour bc I don’t usually buy wheat flour, but I will try it..Been making your bread recipes for the last couple years..Always fabulous. I generally try different things with some recipes. This one, I used pecans and golden rasins.. Being Greek, we use a spice called Mahlep (which is made from ground cherry pits.) when we make Greek Easter Bread. Phenomenal aroma and taste in this bread, which I added also..Came out great. My friend sent me a picture this morning, toasted with butter.. Another great recipe Jenny…

  9. 梅琳达

    Has anyone tried this recipe but adding cinnamon?

    • Ilovebread

      我开始让Jenny没有揉面包,成功,并且是一个无所畏惧的厨师,分支出来。徳赢彩票投注我用1杯葡萄干,2茶匙肉桂,2茶匙糖(其他成分与Jenny相同,除了1/2 TSP Quick Yeast为我而言)。使用相同的方法。折叠后折叠后,我小心翼翼地撒上一些红糖。烘烤相同的方式。哇!是的,一些红糖可以在底部燃烧一点,但这只是脆弱的美味。如果我是你,刚刚从肉桂开始。这很棒。谢谢詹妮,为你所有的意识想法!

  10. D. Lynn Carmichael.

    Thanks, Jenny!

  11. 朱莉

    I have made several of your breads each wonderful. I made the 2 hour White bread tonight. I made this one last week. I was wondering would this work substituting rasins with craisins? I love craisins in bread but the recipe I use is 18 hours rise time by then it makes a purple loaf.

    • Ilovebread

      Yes you can! I think I’ve tried that 18 hr bread recipe…didn’t work for me either! I only ever follow Jenny’s method now, which I’ve been using for a long time.
      Here’s my version of Craisin Orange bread. Use Jenny’s recipe above, method and all. Substitute 1 cup craisins, and zest of one orange instead of raisins and walnuts. I’ve also used some lemon zest with the orange. 1/2 tsp quick rise yeast works for me, and since the craisins are usually bigger than raisins, I cut them in half. All other ingredients and method same as Jenny’s. She’s my bread guru now!!

  12. Colleen

    I tried the regular bread first and it turned out perfect. Last night I decided to try the fruit & nut. The shaping didn’t go very well & I thought for sure it would not turn out. The dough was really sticky, runny & wet. I folded in some extra flour, but could not get it to dry up & shape. I decided to bake it anyway and we are in heaven enjoying this delicious bread for breakfast this morning! IT WORKED!
    I’m over the moon and completely in love with these bread recipes. The olive loaf is next – so excited! Thank you Jenny

  13. 贝蒂

    I don’t have whole wheat flour. Can I use bread flour for this recipe?

  14. Dottie

    Whole wheat bread, best one ever and I have baking bread for 50 plus yrs. Thank you Jenny!

    • Melanie

      Thank you for your review! What do you think about letting the dough rise over night? Would it be too long? If I can’t bake for 7 or 8 hours after mixing, do you think it would be better to mix it up and pop it into the fridge? Thank you in advance for your advice!!

      • Jenny Can Cook


        • Melanie


  15. Sandy May

    This was easy and delicious! I used only all purpose flour, didn’t have whole wheat. I had a small bag of dried fruit and nuts that I just tossed 1 cup of it into the mix after rough chopping the larger nuts.

  16. g


    我只有一半的菜谱,开始晚上with cool water. Then in the morning I bake it. This smaller loaf is just a perfect size for my husband and myself. It is so yummy—-my “go to” recipe!

    • DIANA

      Very interested in half recipe as I am alone. Do u cook it for 30 minutes still when half a recipe

      • Jenny Can Cook

        I have halved my loaves before and found it still took the same amount of time to bake.

    • Ilovebread


  17. Caterina

    Thank You Jenny!

  18. 嘉古

    Hi Jenny
    Thank you ,thank you,thank you. My bread turned out so beautiful and delicious
    PS: love your website

  19. Lori

    Hi Jenny! This is my 3rd one in 2 days. Two fruit and nut (second one with cranberries instead of raisins, as I ran out). The first bread was your faster no knead one. I can’t wait to try this one!! Love your videos…..you’re so happy!

  20. 朱丽叶

    I baked this bread but in rolls form this morning and oh, it was incredibly delicious again! I fed my family and boss and they loved the bread! We all had t for lunch- sooo satisfying! I got the roll idea from Jenny’s crusty roll recipe- Thank you Jenny! You’re wonderful!

  21. Jorma huhtala


  22. Martha

    How long should we wait before cutting the bread once it’s out of the oven? I just made it..followed the recipe exactly but couldn’t wait to try it and cut into it the bread right away…it doesn’t seem quite cooked. Any thoughts?

    • Jenny

      Bread continues to cook inside after it’s removed from the oven so next time, let it cool before cutting… at least 20 minutes but even longer is better.

    • 朱丽叶

      I am always so excited I cannot wait to cut my bread or break it open too. Although it doesn’t look cooked, it is always cooked enough that my family and I eat Delicious Jenny Bread immediately all the time, we’ve never had problems with our stomachs:) Once again, thank you very much, Jenny! Xoxo

  23. 佩吉

    亲爱的珍妮,我是新的,没有揉面包,今天我试过这个食谱。徳赢彩票投注我将烤箱预先放热超过一个小时,但它不会达到450 f,只有420 f.我拥有这个烤箱超过10年,从未加热超过350f。一切准备阶段进展顺利。所以我仍然把面包放进去,但不幸的是它困徳赢彩票投注扰着羊皮纸,没有煮过,也没有像你的崛起。
    I wonder if anyone needed to use the fan mode in order to reach the required temperature like mine? My oven is an Italian brand, Ariston.
    Any helpful tips would be much appreciated , thanks!

  24. Jerry

    Fantastic-Superb-Delicious-Easy to make-healthy sweet treat, we love it. I did use cranberries instead of raisins and it is wonderful. Thank you again. Can you please please please give us a rye bread recipe. Easter is coming and it would be great to have homemade rye bread in the Easter baskets we take to church for the blessing on Easter Saturday,which is a long time tradition in our family. Hope you have a very happy Easter.

  25. HunnyBadgr


  26. Hilda Maia

    Hi, Jenny
    Have been making the no knead rolls and they come out delicious. This one, though, needs only 35 minutes standing before going into the oven?

    • Hilda Maia

      Hi again, Jenny
      Now, after the baking! I didn’t add the nuts (I wanted it to stand while I was out and was in such a hurry) but added raisins and cranberries. I let the dough stand about 5 hours + 1 1/2 hours after I put it in the tray – no dutch oven
      来自烤箱的味道很美味 - 如面包!徳赢彩票投注面团具有如此美妙的质地!

      • Hilda Maia


        • Jenny

          I’m glad it turned out.

  27. Jeanne

    Made this bread yesterday, but added Ocean Spray dried cranberries, instead of raisins and pecans. I had so much fun and the bread is fabulous. Thank you so much for your recipes. We’ll be trying the white and wheat bread cast iron pot recipes soon.

  28. Tracy Sparks


    • Jenny


  29. 丽莎B.

    I have a set of ceramic (stoneware) open bakers & covered bakers from Rachael Ray that are oven safe to 500 degrees. They work very well for this type of bread. I’ve used the shallow open Baker( no lid) & it worked great! The set I have is from Rachael Ray Cucina line. They are beautiful!

    • Jenny

      Thanks for sharing this because not everyone has a Dutch oven.

  30. Josiane

    Love, love your recipes and your foolishness Jenny! Keep up the great work, we love ya! Thanks for the great recipes!

  31. Dianne


  32. Yol E.

    I do not have a dutch oven :-(. Any suggestion?
    I’m a newbie in baking and i have been enjoying your site and videos. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jenny

      I have only used an enameled cast iron pot (dutch oven) so I can’t speak from experience. I know that the pot has to be oven-safe to 450 degrees F and the lid must have oven-proof handles. You could look around the internet to see what anyone else has used since this type of no-knead baking is getting really popular.

      • 来自多伦多的亚历克斯!


      • 泰丽伦敦

        Hi everyone, I love no knead bread, this is a really good recipe, especially when you have weekend guests and want to impress!
        For those of you who don’t have Dutch ovens and want to try before you buy, I have successfully used Pyrex casserole dishes of various sizes with no problems at all. Just be careful when you take out of the oven. Do not put down on a cold marble worktop saver or similar. Put onto a folded tea towel, the temperature change is the only thing that could cause you trouble with the Pyrex.

        • Jenny

          谢谢你的分享this because so many people ask about other options.

    • Ally

      I use a big stainless steel pot and the loaves turn out great every time.

      • D. Lynn Carmichael.(aka Danusia)

        Me too, a stainless steel Dutch oven with stainless steel handles, works so well.

  33. Colorado Carol

    Jenny, thank you for the great recipe. I took some “cook’s license” and used 1 1/2 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp yeast, 1/3 cup raisins and 1/3 cup chopped dried apricots as well as the toasted walnuts. Then I let it sit about 15 hours. I shaped it and let it rise for two more hours before baking. It is about an inch taller than your picture. Very delicious!

  34. 德克萨斯州的琼

    Just ‘found’ jenneycancook!!!
    Use to watch your great TV program.
    Good to know you are doing well.
    Loved your program . . . Love your cooking site.
    Eager to try your great recipes, they look and sound wonderful.

  35. Kuba Przedzienkowski

    Made this bread today. Was skeptical about the 1/4 tsp yeast. It did not rise much but high enough. Baked per directions. Crust was nice and crisp and the inside soft. Was about 3″ tall in a round loaf. Used pecans and golden raisins. Great taste.

  36. Diva

    Hello Jenny, this recipe is great! I wonder if I can replace the warm water with warm milk to make the bread more ‘milky’?

    • Jenny

      I have only used water so I don’t know. I can only suggest you search the internet to see if anyone has made a no knead bread with milk.

  37. Patricia威廉姆斯


  38. cindee


    • Jenny

      Mine is a about 10 1/4 inches across the top and 9 inches across the bottom.

  39. Verna

    我很高兴我打开你的电子邮件和珍妮看见这s delicious bread I plan to make but don’t have a dutch oven so what can I use/Please answer soon.

    • Jenny

      I have only made mine in a Dutch oven and do not know what else would work. It has to be something with oven-safe handles & lid and it has to be able to withstand this very high heat. I did not invent this method so you might be able to find some other information on alternate pots online.

  40. Rhonda Davis

    这已成为我的历史,去甜蜜的面包配方。徳赢彩票投注我包括黑暗和金色的葡萄干,干蔓越莓,切碎的杏干,切碎的核桃。第一次是完美的。密集,美味,天堂纹理和耐嚼。不需要有其他食谱 - 这个填补了账单。徳赢竞技感谢您执行审判和错误所花费的时间,练习完美。这面包是一徳赢彩票投注个没有揉龟面包!

  41. megan

    and i love your blog!
    and was wondering what blog platform do you use,

    • Jenny

      I use WordPress for my blog. And I’m glad you liked my bread…

  42. Brenda Dumont

    Dear Jenny,
    I stumbled across your website yesterday and just love it!! You are too cute and I find myself laughing at some of your comments (like the one you made before starting the spaghetti and meatball recipe)!
    Have a great holiday! Oh, yes, I want to make the Mexican Wedding cookies, too, and the granola bars/granola….the list goes on and on..

  43. Keith Israel Sr.

    Can’t wait to make it for my wife and I. We are going to celebrate 45 years of marriage. I’m the luckiest guy in the world! We married when we were both 17 years old and we made it through the tough times and I love her more than anything in the world and we had two wonderful sons and 5 wonderful grandchildren. The Lord has Bless us very much!

    • Jenny

      Congratulations on 45 years together!

  44. Darlene Batwinski


  45. willi

    Wonder if I can use almond flour for low carb version.

  46. Roz Brown

    FABULOUS! Easy and Super-Delicious! I LOVE bread also. Thank you! Adore your recipes, and admire you, Jenny!