Homemade Caesar Salad

Homemade Caesar Salad

Homemade Caesar Salad

Anyone can make restaurant style Caesar salad at home with just a few ingredients.罗马之心是最好的表现。-Jenny Jones

Prep Time:10 minutes

Total Time:10 minutes

Makes:6 servings

Homemade Caesar Salad


  • 1/3 cup olive oil
  • 3 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • 2 teaspoons Worchestershire sauce
  • 2 teaspoons anchovy paste
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • 1 small clove garlic,minced

  • Romaine lettuce
  • Grated Parmesan cheese
  • Homemade croutons (my recipe


  1. 把调料放进一个罐子里摇匀。
  2. 拌上莴苣,along with a little Parmesan cheese and top with a few croutons.

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  1. Patty

    Thank you JJ!!!!!!

  2. Jeanne

    Wonderful recipe and so easy.

  3. Don Wells

    Just wanted to let you know I have enjoyed watching you cook and explain all you are doing.

    I just found your web page,I am looking forward to seeing more.

    Thanks for the tips and all information.我真的很感激你的诚实。

  4. 康妮

    looks good – thank you jenny.

  5. 淳弥

    Watching you cook and reading your 徳赢竞技recipes and I think my mom is in the Kitchen.我希望我能多加注意。I made some of your 徳赢竞技recipes and it was (as they say) like being home again.谢谢您

  6. Marlene

    Our son,a chef,worked at a restaurant noted for its creamy Caesar salad dressing.I altered your recipe by adding 1 tbsp.Hellman's mayonnaise (low fat).(Hellman's mayo seems to have a milder taste than other mayos.) I also sometimes substitute white balsamic vinegar for lemon juice (just a few drops) and dry mustard powder for Dijon mustard (just a few shakes).Our son also told me that the anchovies would not overpower the taste.他更喜欢随意使用它们,minced from the can.I have been complemented many times on my Caesar salad.

  7. BECKY

    就像很多凤尾鱼的食谱一徳赢竞技样,you will not taste them in the salad dressing.Try the anchovy paste in a tube.它很容易测量,而且
    adds the same flavor you will never notice anyway.

  8. 沙龙贾斯曼

    Another request for more 徳赢真人视讯videos you are so cute and funny!!

  9. Rob Hill

    I even make my own croutons!!

  10. 尤利T

    我喜欢塞萨尔沙拉,unfortunately I do not like anchovy.有替代品吗?Thank you.

    • 珍妮

      I'm not fond of anchovies either but it's just part of this complex salad dressing,and I love Caesar salad.我不知道有什么替代品,但我看到一些没有用蛋黄酱代替凤尾鱼的食谱,徳赢竞技so I suggest you search for"caesar salad without anchovies"and use a proven recipe.

      • Rob Hill

        咸肉。It's salty but not fishy.

  11. 尤利T

    谢谢你总是那么容易遵循美味的食谱。徳赢竞技I will be making this salad for sure.Glad to let you know I have mastered your whole wheat 徳赢彩票投注bread recipe and I make it regularly for the family THANK YOU JENNY.

  12. Chuck in GA

    Love your 徳赢真人视讯videos and your sense of humor.我已经做了你的不揉硬皮面包十几次了。徳赢彩票投注Everyone loves it.
    顺便说一句,我在北京药店买了一些装在大瓶子里的美味蘑菇——它们是从波兰进口的!!!!!I didn't know you guys grew mushrooms over there!!!!!!!!!!!!!🙂

  13. BJV

    Can the anchovy paste be substituted,and if so with what??

    • 珍妮

      我不知道有什么替代品,但我看到一些没有用蛋黄酱代替凤尾鱼的食谱,徳赢竞技so I suggest you search for"caesar salad without anchovies"and use a proven recipe.

  14. Granmama11

    My husband took over preparing our meals when he retired and I love his meals,but you make me want to get in the kitchen and cook!He doesn't make 徳赢彩票投注bread so I'm thinking your no knead loaf will be my first endeavor.It sounds and looks so good!Thanks for all your wonderful 徳赢竞技recipes 徳赢真人视讯and videos.

    • 麦格洛比耶


  15. 达利拉G

    Hi Jenny!!
    I really like your recipe for the dressing,这么简单。
    I have never used anchovy paste,但我会尝试这道菜。
    I agree,romaine lettuce is good,it's a very nice presentation lettuce.
    I enjoy watching you on your video's,you're such a character!🙂
    另外,你所有的食物都很棒,I find myself adding more and more of your 徳赢竞技recipes as"keepers"to my files.
    I can't wait to see some new video's from you….soon I hope!!!

  16. Sharon

    Miss you on you tube,please come back😹😹😹😹😹

    • 麦格洛比耶

      I didn't know she was gone from YouTube.Is she for sure?I follow her there.Where else can you see her 徳赢真人视讯videos??

  17. Julie


  18. Judy

    Thank you for all of the 徳赢竞技recipes 徳赢真人视讯and videos.You have been so much help to me!!

    • Cynthia Recchia

      I agree with you.Her 徳赢真人视讯videos are so much help.

  19. 康妮

    I miss your utube 徳赢真人视讯videos.

    • Stephanie

      I love your 徳赢真人视讯videos…they are so instructive…moving pictures are worth thousands of words… And can be reviewed step-by-step,一遍又一遍!!

  20. Donna Pastelak

    This tastes wonderful.I love all your 徳赢竞技recipes because they are easy to prepare and never fail to please!!

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