Easy Pan Pizza

Easy Pan Pizza

This is the best pan pizza you will ever have!用铸铁平底锅使它脆而金褐色。I always remove some of the moisture from mushrooms & veggie toppings and"脱脂the pepperoni for a never-soggy,脆壳。-Jenny Jones

准备时间:15 minutes

Cook Time:15 minutes

总时间:4 hours,30 minutes

Makes:Makes one 10-inch pizza

Easy Pan Pizza


  • 1 1/2杯(7盎司)面包粉(万能面粉也适用徳赢彩票投注)
  • 1/4茶匙酵母-即干或活性干
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 cup water (cold or hot - see below)

  • 1大勺橄榄油,用于给平底锅上油
  • 1/3杯比萨酱
  • 4盎司部分脱脂干酪,hand shredded
  • 你选的配料(我用低脂的土耳其辣香肠,peppers,洋葱,and mushrooms)


  1. ORIGINAL WAY(Overnight using cold water) Combine flour,yeast,把盐放在一个中等大小的碗里。Add cold water and combine well.Cover tightly with plastic wrap and let stand on counter top 12 to 18 hours.
  2. 更快的方法(用热水)混合面粉,yeast,把盐放在一个中等大小的碗里。添加热水(120-130°F)并充分混合。用塑料袋盖紧,然后站在台面上3小时。
  3. After the resting time of either the overnight 12-18 hrs or faster 3 hrs,dough will be double in size,puffy & soft,并点缀着气泡。在面团上撒上一点面粉,搅拌一下,直到它形成一个球。
  4. 在9或10英寸的铸铁平底锅上涂抹润滑脂。
  5. 把面团放在平底锅里,用涂油的手指靠近边缘展开。Cover with a pot lid or plate and let rest at least an hour,最好是两个。It will continue spreading as it rests.
  6. Preheat oven to highest temperature - 500/550° F.
  7. 加酱油,奶酪,和配料。
  8. 在炉子上用中高温烧灼3分钟。
  9. Place in oven and bake about 15 minutes (start checking at 12).


注:To reduce moisture when adding sliced mushrooms,peppers,或者洋葱,把它们放在两个盘子之间的双纸巾之间。Microwave 1 minute and press out excess moisture with paper towels.同样的过程(30秒在微波炉中)去除香肠中多余的脂肪。

Easy Pan Pizza


  1. Ryan

    我通过添加1tbs白糖和通宵使用热水来修改这个。I added a few tablespoons of flour in the morning,then gently folded it.I split the dough into two and placed them in spray-oiled pie tins.当我下班回来的时候,they were BEAUTIFUL and risen PERFECTLY!!

    我把面包皮预烤了几分钟,这样当我加上酱汁和配料时就不会变瘪了。I left a little bit of a crust on the edges so I could make it into garlic 徳赢彩票投注bread.

    Let me tell you… The crust is slightly sour,slightly sweet,crunchy on bottom,SUPER fluffy,and so tender!Virtually no effort and I'm absolutely in love!😍

  2. wanda

    我按照配方做的,当我做的很快,你说它的体积翻了一倍,我没有用快速发酵酵母,所以我不知道我做错了什么。披萨很好吃,我只是觉得它没有像它应该的那样上升。Can you give my any insight on this Thank You

    • Paul K.

      Hello Wanda:

      我建议你使用SAF速溶(红色包装)酵母。This is the yeast that King Arthur uses and recommends.I found this to work way better than any other – especially with this pizza crust recipe.我们存储1lb。yeast in a rubbermaid container in the freezer and it lasts well over a year.

      See my (modified recipe) note below for having the pizza crust ready when you get home from work!!

      Blessings to you!!

  3. 罗斯科


  4. 这是有史以来最好的披萨,珍妮!非常感谢。我再也不会冷冻或吃比萨了。

    I altered a bit for the equipment I have,所以分享让别人知道你仍然可以做这个很棒的食谱,即使你需要在设备上稍微捏造一点。As an example,我没有烤箱,using toaster oven (Breville smart oven air),8寸铸铁平底锅,无炉子(单感应燃烧器)。

    整个配方一旦膨胀,几乎不适合8英寸的煎锅,但还是很好吃。我用了3小时快速法。下次,I halved the dough after 3-hour rise & refrigerated 1/2 for 5 days.这是8英寸长的平底锅的完美数量的面团。我把4号设置在感应炉上3分钟,然后在480度下烘烤(我的烤面包机烤箱的最高温度)。bottom rack position,skillet centered on rack for 12 minutes,turning skillet once halfway through.完美!!

    5天后,我把冷冻面团放在柜台上1小时以达到室温,then spread in 8″ greased skillet,盖满,for another 1 hour.Dough still felt cold to the touch,but I just proceeded anyway.Heated skillet on induction setting 4 for 3 minutes,像以前一样烤。Perfection again!!

    Jenny,you are right,面团冷藏后味道更好。我迫不及待地想在3个小时的涨价后把面团冷冻起来,以获得进一步的便利!!

    Jenny's recipe is the absolutely the best pizza ever & it works perfectly in a toaster oven,on an induction burner & smaller skillet,also refrigerates beautifully.Where has this recipe been all my life 😂

    • 珍妮会做饭

      It was very kind of you to share all of this with us.Thank you.

    • 颂歌

      我用了很快的时间,and left it until time to eat.
      It was a #10,we loved it .
      Thank you…..love your 徳赢竞技recipes,have lots to try.

  5. 查理

    我昨晚做了这个披萨。It looked like too much to eat,but my husband and I couldn't get enough of it.I left it on the counter all day till dinnertime and the crust was fantastic.I will never buy store bought pizza again.I never use to eat the crust on pizzas.现在我可以。太好了。Thank you Jenny.

  6. Paul K.

    Hello Everyone:

    我稍微修改了一下这个食谱,我想很多人真的想知道这个!请阅读!Before that… if you have not tried this recipe – you are missing out… Jenny's recipe is amazing – try it!!

    所以…我想找个方法让面团在我们下班回家的时候马上准备好做饭,so I modified the"原创(long) version of the recipe.我只是缩短了第一个面团的剩余时间,增加第二个休息时间。It worked perfectly!!

    我用室温做面团。9时水。I spread it into the oiled skillet at 6-am.When we get home at 5-pm the pizza is ready for sauce and garnish (as soon as the oven preheats).在准备披萨前不要等1-2个小时(最好两个小时)。This works perfect!!

    FYI… Walmart sells (camping section) Lodge 12″ cast-iron pans with two looped handles for $20.我给我们家买了4个,就为了这个食谱!!



    • 珍妮会做饭

      你能和大家分享这个方法(和泛信息)真是太好了。Thank you!!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your tips.Very helpful preparing on weekday/work days.

  7. Isabelle

    I have made this pizza several times and each time it has turned out great.
    My husband loves the crust.I only make a veggie style pizza which is a preference.我用了一个9英寸的还有12个“他说:“这是一个很好的选择。”cast iron pan.Both turned out very well.Thanks for your 徳赢竞技recipes.我爱他们。I will never buy pizza again.

  8. 老鲍勃

    I have 22″ Weber kettle BBQ that I converted to a pizza oven.It works great for the standard pizza dough cooked on a stone.用木头间接加热,the chamber reaches over 700 degrees.I decided to try it with your Pan Pizza recipe using the cast iron skillets,哪一个是我最喜欢的比萨饼。

    我为一组准备了四批面团。I prepared 4 cast iron skillets with oil and the dough.At cooking time,I prepared one pan at a time per the recipe.炉顶加热3分钟后,我把每一个披萨放在韦伯,逐一地,结果很好。The only change from your recipe was adding several more minutes to the baking time and I had to rotate the pan as it baked.Thanks for your great 徳赢竞技recipes.
    (*To see photosclick here.(见表1)

    • 珍妮

      感谢您分享这一切,especially your photos.

  9. 洛林

    我按照这些说明做了,但是用了你20分钟的比萨面团,味道很好。My nieces said it was the best pizza they ever had.

    我很高兴能偶然发现你的网站!!I am no longer afraid of making dough and baking homemade 徳赢彩票投注bread and it is literally all because of徳赢真人视讯 your videos.

    哦,and I love your sense of humor 😉


  10. Dan

    虽然我用的是12英寸长的平底锅(Lodge 10sk),但我还是一字不差地按照食谱做的。花了点力气把面团拉长,补上小孔,but with that it grew to fill the pan.12 minutes at 550 and it was excellent,though not quite as crispy through the center.

    Would definitely make this again.I made it only referencing the YouTube video and came here after.我知道有一种更快的方法。

    Thank You!!

  11. Momma Mia

    我们有一个户外50英寸罗马风格的比萨烤箱,它可以在比萨后搅拌比萨。但当我想在家里做披萨时,蔬菜用来浸泡外壳,现在我用火鸡意大利辣香肠,把我的辣椒里的水分煮出来,mushrooms,葡萄番茄和洋蓟心,烤箱预热约10分钟,thanks for the tip!!

  12. CTOTH

    EXCELLENT!!!Absolutely delish.
    我用半白全麦面粉来补充营养,这是完美的。Thank you
    Loved your video!!

  13. Hal

    刚用过你的俄克拉荷马家庭食谱,他们很喜欢。It was great and they now are going to make it in OK as they don't have any good pizza joints there.谢谢你,珍妮

  14. Janice

    Jenny,今天我按照你的指示做了一个披萨做晚餐!它很完美,看起来很漂亮。我用你的小贴士做微波炉意大利辣香肠和蔬菜已经有很长一段时间了,在做普通比萨的时候,我还把4盎司奶酪和2/3杯沙司切碎,有价值的信息…完美的奶酪和酱汁。今天我发现了一些很好的东西,我想和你分享。I went to the deli counter today and ordered 4 ounces thinly sliced mozzarella cheese and four thinly sliced pepperoni slices.当我做披萨的时候,I stacked the cheese slices and cut them into three strips,每条带子切成四块。The pepperoni I stacked and cut in half and then half again.They both separated easily,把它放在披萨上就像一种魅力,比切碎奶酪和意大利辣香肠要容易得多,比你在店里的包装袋里买的要薄。想和大家分享一下,平底披萨很好吃!谢谢你的食谱和建议

    • 珍妮

      Thank you for sharing this – it's definitely worth trying.

  15. Maria L.

    我今天做这个是为了晚餐。It was awesome.My plan was to take a photo to send to you– but when I took it out of the oven it looked so beautiful and smelled so delicious that I immediately cut it (the sound of the crunch was loud) and gave my husband a slice and to me too.我们吃得不够快,忘了拍照。Jenny,感谢你让这一切变得如此简单。I will make this over and over again.

  16. 伊皮克

    这成了我们家的食谱。I don't order pizza anymore,this is the best pizza I've ever eaten.The dough is easy to make and baking it in cast iron makes it delicious.
    Thank you

  17. 伊皮克

    This is our family recipe.I don't order pizza anymore,this is the best pizza I've ever eaten.面团很容易做,用铸铁烘烤使之美味可口。
    Thank you

  18. 凯伦

    自从我第一次看到这段视频一年左右以来,我已经做了很多次了,每次都非常完美。i even bought a 2nd cast iron skillet so i could make two at a time

  19. Andre Outlaw

    I just wanted to let you know that I've made this several times.这是我做的最简单的披萨(平底锅或其他)。
    No mess,comes out great every time.

  20. Mike

    我们最喜欢的馅饼店不久前就关门了,I've spent endless hours trying too make a good pizza.好吧,让我告诉你,你完全把外壳钉牢了!“如此简单和容易。One I changed is the yeast,went to the store and saw pizza yeast.我咬了什么该死的,I don't have to wait a couple of hours.Followed recipe to a tee,guess what,结果真是太棒了。Baked at 4000ft elevation at 525 degrees for 12 minutes,谢谢詹妮,如果需要任何关于吸烟的建议,请联系我。

  21. Matt


  22. Evelyn Mckeown

    The pizza is delicious,crunchy and everything I expected it to be.It was all gone right after I cut it!I would definitely make it again.谢谢分享!!

  23. Gordy


  24. 罗宾

    我用一个12英寸的平底锅做的,结果非常完美!The initial dough used 180g 徳赢彩票投注bread flour and an extra 20g was added 14 hours later,就在把它放进锅里之前。I'd say 12 minutes at 550 is spot-on.It's very similar to pizza hut.

  25. 特蕾莎

    首先,谢谢你的简单食谱!This was my first time making pizza from scratch.我喜欢它发出的嘎吱声。Only thing I had an issue was that the crust tasted quite salty to me.我做错什么了吗?Is it okay to reduce the amount of salt put into the dough?谢谢!!

    • 珍妮


    • AJ

      你用什么盐?3/4 tsp of table salt is not equal to 3/4 tsp of kosher salt (by weight).我以前在食谱中用过犹太洁食盐,结果太咸了,因为犹太洁食盐的重量几徳赢竞技乎是食盐的两倍。depending on brand.


      • 特蕾莎

        我用了食盐。但我也认为它很咸,因为它在锅里没有升那么高。外壳只有1/2英寸高,not sure what happened there

        • 珍妮

          再试一次,完全按照配方操作,没有任何变化。This recipe works for just about everyone.

          • Kris

            珍妮-我7岁就住在家里,00 ft and I'm having a terrible time getting a good"比萨饼面团when I follow typical 徳赢竞技recipes — I've"thrown out"六次尝试,现在。我要试试你的“速食”食谱~我应该对海拔高度做些什么改变??

            • 珍妮

              我很抱歉,I have no experience with high altitude baking.

    • huchen

      对,it is salty…..当我用2/4茶匙时,我已经感觉到了。i think 1/4 teaspoon is enough for this small dough.besides that,这是一个很好的食谱,很容易遵循。

  26. AJ


  27. 斯嘉丽

    在我看来,1.5克面粉做的面团太多,不适合做你食谱上要求的9或10英寸长的煎锅。你可以用大得多的平底锅…或者,cut the dough recipe down to smaller proportions.

  28. 老鲍勃

    Second time around;Just cooked two of your pan pizzas at the same time in the same oven.I used 11 1 /2"and 9 1/2″ skillets.Made two batches of your hot water version and used about 1/4 less of the batter for the smaller skillet.550℃烘箱,在医学院做了3分钟的俯卧撑。high,then in the oven.The 11 1/2″ skillet pizza was perfect.The small skillet was a problem.比萨饼粘在锅上,很明显配料和奶酪也烧焦了。Once I rescued the main part with a steel spatula,we ate that too and it was great.Now,我们的结论。

    My wife thinks I did the top burners too long.(去拿了一瓶啤酒!)尽管时间相同,我猜小一点的煎锅可能需要更少的时间。如果有道理的话,我猜烤箱也会减少小煎锅的时间。So,this weekend I'll be doing the exact thing again and will adjust the timing and I'll pay closer attention!!!

    我的目标是同时做几个比萨饼(我有很多煎锅)。I will keep trying and let you know how things work out.Later I will be trying your pan pizza in my pizza oven in my outdoor kitchen.It will crank up to 800+ degrees but is a different environment.我还是要用平底锅。

    I will let you know the outcome.谢谢你所做的一切。I am having a good time.

    • Kimberley

      What did you figure out regarding cooking multiple pies at once?If we have company over,I'd like to make more than one.

  29. 辛蒂颤抖

    This was fantastic.我用的是快速版,外壳很好。如此简单,关于微波炉蔬菜之前的提示是当场!Thank you for writing this recipe!!!!

  30. 老鲍勃

    Thanks for your answers to my earlier comment/questions about your fabulous pan pizza.I am about to launch my own experimental ways of cooking your pan pizza.到目前为止,I have done the 12 hour,冷水法和3小时热水法。Both perfect.No,better than perfect.

    I have a large outdoor kitchen with a variety of ways to cook.I will do your recipe exactly as written (both cold and hot water),但在不同的烹饪环境/设备中。Each time I do one or two,我会报告结果,并附上我使用的图片和任何评论。我希望我能为你的提议作出贡献。It may be helpful and will certainly fulfilling to me.

    Until later,我真诚地感谢你所做的一切。


  31. 可爱的

    Hi Jenny…can i used oven toaster for this pizza recipe ….thanks

    • 珍妮

      I don't think a toaster oven can get hot enough or have enough room for heat to circulate.但你可以一直尝试。

  32. Shweta


    I found your 徳赢真人视讯videos while searching for 徳赢竞技recipes for homem徳赢彩票投注ade bread and then I couldn't stop.我是个院士,一年前才开始做饭。你的食谱听徳赢竞技起来既简单又令人垂涎。

    Thank you so much for giving me hope that I too can cook such tasty foods.


  33. Dave S.

    试过这个食谱,很喜欢!!!!If I want to make two of theses at the same time,do you adjust cooking times??

    • 珍妮


  34. 温迪

    我已经做了两次这个美味的披萨,我和我丈夫都很喜欢。I do use the rapid rise yeast let it sit covered in a bowl for 3 hrs.当然要用温水。It really does work to cut the vegetables up first and get the moisture out.所以只想说谢谢分享。

  35. Ahmed kh

    Thank u for all nice 徳赢竞技recipes I am from Kirkuk / Iraq
    And I'm one of your fans

  36. Linda

    我第一次试着做比萨饼的时候,我丈夫出城了,结果比萨饼做得很完美,我几乎把整个比萨都吃了。我又为我丈夫试了一次,在痛骂之后,这是一次失败。The crust was really fat – not crisp (almost like 徳赢彩票投注bread).I'm going to try again.As well,我要尝尝有洞的平底披萨。知道发生了什么事吗?BTW – after stumbling upon your 徳赢竞技recipes online,decided to read your book while in Mexico recently.Fun read.What's next?多伦多的琳达

    • 珍妮


  37. Sandy


  38. 基姆


    I'm making your pizza crust for dinner tomorrow.我的问题是关于酵母…我是一个新手,当谈到酵母面包。徳赢彩票投注我只有快速发酵的酵母。这样行吗?Will it take less time to rise?Thanks for your help!!

    • 珍妮


  39. 苏珊麦克

    我讨厌把烤箱加热一个小时来做一个小比萨饼的想法。Do you think I can use my outdoors gas grill?如果是这样,this would be great for the summer so I don't have a hot kitchen.

    • 珍妮


      • veronica

        珍妮,我真的很喜欢你的食谱和烹饪常识,徳赢竞技nutrition etc.Pizza can be made on a grill,这在阿根廷很受欢迎,however the dough in this case is stiffer than for regular pizza (use less water for the dough).但这是一个炭烤架,which imparts a smokey flavor,我对煤气格栅不太确定。Saludos,V

        • Paul

          for the grill i trust bbq pit boys on youtube…they are grill masters …but this pizza is good for it also…just cook opposite side of the coals …bring it to at least 500 degrees and add a chunk of wood …pre cook the meats and bacon just a bid …i sometimes precook the dough for a good 5 minutes before i add ingredients so it wont absorb the water from vegies and the fat from the meat

  40. Paul Jr

    我不太确定我做错了什么。(I am a novice at making dough,so forgive me.) When I mix the cold water with the yeast,flour,and salt,它不像视频中那样真正形成一个球。它有点像碎片。看起来不对,but I tried anyway.

    无益。我让面团静置18小时(盖上盖子)。看起来和我留下的一模一样。No rising or anything.

    我很高兴能为我的两个女儿做这个,but I can't seem to get past step 2.(I tried once before using expired yeast,and had the same result.所以我买了新酵母,which didn't help.)

    Any thoughts??


    • Paul Jr

      还有一件事要补充-我用软塑料抹刀搅拌。Looks like you were using a hard plastic one in the video.不确定这是否会有影响。

      • 珍妮

        你可以用任何东西来搅动它——这不会有什么不同。it sounds like you're using too much flour.What kind of flour are you using and how are you measuring it?You have to aerate all flour before measuring.Look at this link:https://www.vwin竞技jennycancook.com/flour-basics/什么牌子/类型的酵母?你在改变我的食谱吗??

        • Paul Jr

          I didn't aerate — I just measured straight out of the 徳赢彩票投注bread flour bag.我怀疑就是这样。I'll try again.(I am using Fleischmann's ActiveDry yeast.)



    • Steph G

      你把配料混合在金属盘子里了吗?如果是这样的话,那可能就是你遇到问题的地方。Metal can inactivate the yeast.至少这是我所学的。

      • 珍妮佛


      • Kimberley

        金属与酵母的关系是一个神话。Even with those friendship 徳赢彩票投注bread 徳赢竞技recipes that always caution not to use metal bowls or spoons,它并没有让人感觉不一样。相信我。🙂

  41. Te Whitu

    Hi Jenny your pizza is mouth watering thank you for the video and tips impressive to say the least
    Im wondering if you have a vegetable recipe ie;花椰菜,collie,番茄或芦笋等…
    also do you have any suggestions on how to remove the moisture from these types of vegetables,尤其是西红柿。

  42. 玛拉

    我们喜欢这个比萨饼。I do have a question though.我轮流为一些老朋友和生病的朋友做饭。If I were to assemble these and then leave the instructions for their family member or friend to cook on the stovetop and then the oven would that work?The pizzas would likely be assembled before cooking/baking possibly up to an hour considering drive time.One family would be closer to 30 mins..Would the pizza hold up for this and be just as delicious?I'm assuming you have never done this before but am hoping you or/and your readers will have an opinion or some suggestions.谢谢你的帮助和你所有的绝妙食谱。徳赢竞技

    • 珍妮

      My guess is that the cheese and toppings need to go on just before cooking but I really don't know.也,I'm not sure what a bumpy car ride might do to the dough.Maybe someone smarter than I can chime in…

  43. Jim

    This pizza was wonderful even my wife who normally is not a piza fan is raving about it.这是你的第一个食谱我,徳赢竞技我试过了,但不会是最后一次。谢谢

  44. 克赖斯

    这张照片看起来真好!!!用铸铁平底锅真是个好主意。Wondering if the crust has the yeasty taste of a thin crust pizza or the mild taste of a pan pizza.


  45. 菲茨55

    商店买的披萨面团行吗?If so how much would you use??

    • 珍妮

      That's a different kind of dough so I don't think so.

  46. 奇瑞


  47. Molly

    Hi…I only have a 12″ cast iron pan…will this be ok??

    • 珍妮

      I don't know.Mine is around 10 inches so you can try and see how it turns out.如果有,请告诉我们。

      • Kyle

        我也只有一个12英寸的煎锅。我已经做了几次你的食谱,结果很好。也许没有那么深,但仍然有松脆蓬松的外壳。上次我做的时候,我只是试着把面团的成分增加25%。锅里装的比较好,菜式比较深,still crunchy on the outside and puffy on the inside,对我来说不算太胖徳赢彩票投注。But maybe I like 徳赢彩票投注bready crusts

    • Robert

      我有一个12英寸的铸铁平底锅,我发现我需要减少到一杯面粉和半杯水的量,以防止太多的面包。徳赢彩票投注This also eliminates the need to dehydrate the toppings though I do cook the crust first for five minutes after putting a tablespoon of olive oil in the pan first then add my sauce (garlic/ranch) and toppings.

    • it turns out great with my 12″ pan …

  48. Alex

    嗨,詹妮,喜欢这个食谱!Seriously I made it for my wife and I don't think we will order pizza ever again.

    Quick question: will it ruin the dough to allow it to sit for more than 18 hours?I'd love to make it during the work-week but that will require me to have it sit for a bit longer (probably 20 hours or more) before getting home to get it in the pan for the second rest.Any advice (other than quitting my job)?🙂

    • 珍妮

      I wish I could say for sure but I just don't know.我看到的所有不揉面团的食谱都是长达18个小时,徳赢竞技之后我想它们需要冷藏。

    • 鼓泡塔

      卡夫(亚瑟王面粉)有一个不揉比萨面团的配方,可以在同一天使用,但面团实际上每天都会变好。for up to six days.我用过了,it's excellent.查找工匠不揉比萨面团配方/亚瑟王面粉。

    • 你好,我第一次试过这个食谱,因为时间限制,它能保持24小时以上。The result was acceptable though slightly dry & hard but the following day the crust was perfect just not crispy.really important to get the moisture out of the veg

  49. CeaCea

    好吧,我保证我把面团冷冻了,这是最新消息。I did make it the"quick"cold water way and let it freeze as a ball almost 2 weeks.第二天我把它放在铁锅里放了几个小时。像往常一样,装饰着纯素的尤米斯。And heated the pan up on the stove before putting in the oven.

    I found that it came out ok.地壳确实缩小了,like a think crust whereas when u do it same day,it's puffy.

    Extra Bonus reviewers….so 2 of my 3 cats never care about people food (1 will eat unflavored tofu,so yeah he's interested in at least tasting everything).上次我做披萨的时候,我的鸟撕碎了皮,loved it!I had a plate of the crumbs sitting there & the 2 cats not interested in human food STARTED EATING IT!!!!(第三个根本不存在)。


    So my verdict?如果把它放在手边的冰箱里会让生活更容易,去做吧。It's not gonna b the best u ever had but sure does work!!!!


  50. SW

    当我试图学习如何为铸铁披萨做自制的薄皮时,我发现了这个食谱。太棒了!我在面包机里试过面团,徳赢彩票投注冷冻面团,最重要的是。Thank you.Loved your show,顺便说一下……回到今天。

  51. 玛琳

    i am planning on making this it looks great,你不会知道每人摄入的卡路里。i am trying the weight watchers plan.

    • 珍妮

      No,I don't count calories.

      • 保罗M

        使用配方中列出的量,the pizza is roughly 1200 calories with only cheese as a topping.

        750 for the dough
        120 for the oil
        300用于部件skim mozz

  52. Sussie Lee

    I did your 20 min pizza dough and am extremely happy that my pizza was ready to be served in a jiffy.

    • 珍妮


    • CeaCea

      I will try it eventually re the freezing thing & let u guys know.我肯定是2晚的,但有2个原因,我明天晚上才做披萨。所以它就在我刚放在冰箱里的平底锅里。I'll set it out before work & see also how that goes & will report back…

      • CeaCea

        最新消息我真的做到了”quick"cold water way and then as my typos wouldnt communicate above,那天晚上我不想做饭吃,所以我把它放在冰箱里过夜,let it sit on the counter 9hrs & it was the best crust i have personally made.

        2 Blend,我在食品加工厂做的,因为我没有面包粉,徳赢彩票投注I used 75% whole wheat 25% white flour.效果很好。

        下次我会把菜谱翻一番,把它们冷冻,让你知道怎么回事!I can't see why it wouldn't come out fine based on all the doughs we freeze & the fact that even the yeast used u can freeze after u open it….

  53. Lynn

    Loved the pizza.I do like sausage but not the store bought.我自己做。我用一两磅火鸡肉。Cook it up and make it crumbly then I add these seasonings that are mixed together before hand to the taste I like.I try to cook out all the lique from the meat cooking then I put in ice box the to freezer and only use what I need.
    Sausage Seasoning
    1/4 tesp nutmeg
    1/2 tesp sage
    1/2 Tesp马约兰
    1/2 tesp thyme
    1/4 tesp savory
    1/2 tesp cayenne pepper
    3/4 TESP海盐
    1/2 tesp grated lemon rind

    I like the way it taste.我觉得它比普通香肠更健康。希望你喜欢并喜欢。Thanks for all the wonder 徳赢真人视讯videos.

  54. Syl

    Hi,谢谢你的食谱!我希望你能给我关于冷冻的建议。Would you know the best method to freeze this pizza?最好把面团冷冻一下,or can I freeze with toppings?Uncooked,还是半熟的?我一个人住,很想吃披萨。Thank you again.

    • 珍妮


  55. 西里拉马耳他

    I will love to make this pizza in pan 🙂

  56. Jeanne

    Jenny,first off let me say that we love you.My Polish heritage loves you even more.

    好啊,首先,我们有一个6岁的孙子,他对所有的食物都很挑剔。当我们有他和我们的孙女,或者在一个家庭聚会时,我们总是要考虑他会吃什么。His mom,being a great mom,always says,he'll eat what we eat.I was that mom too,but now being a grandma I can give him what he likes (haha).He doesn't like your pizza,he LOVES it.Of course,我们只给他做奶酪,然后当然还得做其他派。”stuff"on them for the rest of the family.Our daughter has to bring her cast iron skillet with her so we can make more than one pie.

    我们喜欢你的烤披萨玛加丽塔风格或我丈夫最喜欢的意大利辣香肠。He says it's not pizza without pepperoni.My thought is that in order to taste the pizza it has to be margharita style.这样你就能尝到酱汁了,外壳和简单。

    非常感谢你的幽默和食谱。徳赢竞技每当我们看你的视频时,你都是我们的一天。We actually have a"面团现在起来吃我们的意大利周六晚餐。我们规定每个星期六都有意大利语。真的,and I'm half Polish.

    Just wanted to thank you for your pan pizza recipe.We will be serving it at our neighbors Christmas party.We even bought our son a cast iron skillet for Christmas,but don't tell him,SHHHH。

    感谢分享”you"with the rest of us.


  57. Navy Dad

    My son sent me your link,I have always enjoyed thin crust pizzas.However after making your recipe I have not made any other crust since!!

  58. 马乔

    嗨,詹妮,i own a Pub im Brazil and i am offering your pizza and it is a sucess,还有你的眉毛……每边15分钟……很棒
    Keep cooking and wish you the best
    Marcio Stewers
    São Paulo – SP / Brazil

    • 珍妮

      真的!很高兴听到。People like my pizza in Brazil!🙂

  59. Abby


    • 珍妮

      I wish I had a perfect answer but I have only made this pizza in a standard skillet.I don't think either the flat pan (I have one like that too) or the Dutch oven would work for this recipe.平底锅没有足够高的边,荷兰烤炉太深。If you can invest an a second skillet,这是你唯一确定你可以同时做两个的方法。

      • Abby

        Well then it's settled.I'm off to the store to get another skillet!😉

  60. John K

    Is there a preferred position in the oven?中间的,顶部,还是底部??

    • 珍妮


  61. 伊恩

    Jenny you're a cutie and we love this pizza.🙂

  62. 宁静的

    Hi Jenny!I love your YouTube video very much.这个披萨食谱视频是我有史以来最喜欢的食谱。我有一个问题,我想做这个食谱,但我没有铸铁煎锅,但我有一个比萨盘,我能用装在铸铁煎锅里的吗??

    • 珍妮

      I don't think a pizza pan can withstand the direct heat on the burner plus you won't get that crust without cast iron.

  63. 安吉拉

    I have two cast iron skillets one 8″ and one 5″ would it be best if I split the pizza dough into both cast iron skillets?!!

    • 珍妮


      • 安吉拉

        好吧…有史以来最好的比萨——我甚至没有开玩笑!!!Thanks for the tip,珍妮!!
        I made this pizza on the 4th using the original way (overnight) and I'm going to make it again for tonight using the new option 🙂

  64. Amanda Moore

    I just made this tonight and it turned out great!lots of fun to watch you on youtube!!

    • 美国残疾人协会

      I can see and hear video on my on my Droid but not while using my home computer.可能有什么问题??

      • Web管理

        Take a look at the speaker icon (near the lower left corner of the media player) and make sure the volume has not been muted.If that doesn't help,您可能需要检查计算机上的常规卷设置。

  65. sunny

    嘿,詹妮,I love the idea of your pan pizza but the problem for me is that my oven is small and my pan does not fit in so what should I do if I want to use pan for my pizza…

    • 珍妮

      你可以试着把整个东西放在炉子上。Follow my recipe though step 8.Then flip over the dough so the browned part is on the top,加入奶酪和配料,cover the pan,and finish it on the stove until the cheese is melted and toppings are cooked.You may have to reduce the temperature – I don't know – so keep an eye on it.也,你的奶酪会融化的很好,但要确保你的配料都在室温下(不是冷的),如果他们没有足够的烹饪,你可以在加入比萨饼之前试着预先烹饪。祝你好运。

      • sunny

        thank you so much for replyyy it helppedd so muchhh thank you thank you thank you….now i don't need to worry about my pan or the oven anymoree yeahhhh luvvv yuuu yu hav juz saved my pizza dayyy!!!!!

  66. jane


    • 珍妮

      这要看你的平底锅有多大。Mine is 9 inches across the bottom so if yours is 10 or 11,你可以用同样的食谱。如果它比这个大,你可能只需要做面团的一倍半。I can't speak from experience but I believe there is no problem with increasing or doubling the recipe.

  67. kathy

    Jenny,I made your pan pizza yesterday…scrumptious!!thanks for your lovely 徳赢竞技recipes

  68. 李苏西

    Hi jenny.Can we use all wholemeal flour instead as it's healthier

    • 珍妮

      用全麦面粉总是比较健康的,但我从来没有用它做比萨饼。I think you would find the the crust too tough and heavy.

  69. 北京

    Jenny,love to watch your YouTube 徳赢真人视讯videos,they're so inspiring.我有一个14英寸的铸铁披萨盘,它可以做出非常棒的披萨,我想尝尝你的披萨盘食谱。even though it's not a skillet.Any suggestions?上周我做了你的酥皮披萨,那是最好的!Thank you!!

    • 珍妮

      如果你的平底锅没有边,只有一个稍微凸起的边缘,我想面团会溅到边缘,不?但是如果它有14英寸宽,maybe it will just spread.I don't know!With an oven that hot,也许外壳暴露的边缘会烧焦。我很抱歉,I'm just not sure.I guess you'll just have to try and if you do,please report back.Thanks.

  70. 黛布斯·洛佩兹

    珍妮让我说你是我的面包师。我是那种被酵母吓坏的人,但不多亏你的快速和容易,没有揉食谱和自信,徳赢竞技勇敢地掀起风暴。All i can say is THANK YOU,THANK YOU.YOUR THE BEST,LOOKING FORWARD TO TRY.ING YOUR OTHER 徳赢竞技RECIPES

  71. big mike

    After nearly 50 years of attempting to make great crust for my pan pizza.I decided to try your pan pizza dough recipe and finally… success!Thank you!我妻子说绝对最好的面包皮,and that I was to be sure to thank you for her also.我做了一个铁平底锅披萨,我们一起吃,then tripled the recipe to use in my big custom made stainless steel pizza pan.它几乎不适合我的烤架。It also turned out great.我用你的微波炉头做蔬菜和意大利辣香肠,这是另一个好主意。Finally,因为我为全家烤自己的面包(大部分是酸面包)。徳赢彩票投注这是4户人家加上一些朋友和邻居,我买最便宜的面粉,so just to add a little flavor and texture like a rustic,旧世界面粉会有,I been adding a heaping teaspoon of Whole Wheat and a level teaspoon of Rye flour to each cup of AP flour.It makes the crust look better and adds a slight flavor.再次感谢,my quest is over for the perfect pan pizza crust.大块头麦克

  72. robert


  73. colleen frost

    My husband found this recipe an asked me to try it an all i can say is perfecto!!!做了热法,用了蔬菜的建议。This is one great and tasty recipe.

  74. 莱斯利

    Hi Jenny
    Would the pizza recipe work with gluten free flour??


    • 珍妮

      No,this recipe as it is will not work with gluten free flour.我建议你寻找一个特定的无麸质配方,因为其他添加是必需的。

  75. Michelle


    All I have to say is,mm mm mm美味
    I just made this pizza and it's so good



  76. helen

    hi jenny,its Helen from Nigeria,我想问一下,我能用不粘锅代替煎锅吗?谢谢,我发现你的博客很健康,很丰富。i have some question to ask ask…

    • 珍妮

      I don't believe a non-stick pan is advisable for an oven this hot.据我所知,只有铸铁才能给你这个比萨饼皮。至于其他问题,请随便问我的”Ask/Tell Me Anything"我博客的一部分。Other people can often benefit from questions,no matter how simple they may seem.

  77. Dave

    I tried your pizza recipe for the first time … I Can't Believe i ate the whole thing.Yummy!I did make two of them but one i put in a cake pan and left it in the oven a little longer,Not as crispy on the bottom,但也一样好!!

    我还用了特级初榨橄榄油(我知道,it's all i had)and it stuck a little to the
    bottom of the cast iron pan a little.以及外壳边缘的烧伤。(too Much oil).It came out awesome!很快就会恢复。😉

  78. T Thompson

    This is now made in my house in two skillets each time once a week.One pan for each of us.一个配菠萝,火腿和蘑菇。The other all meat lots of cheese,胡椒和洋葱。Great crust in this recipe Thank you Jenny you are top gun in all your 徳赢竞技recipes.我小时候在明尼苏达冬天学会了做饭,one grandma Polish,Another grandma Ukrainian heritage,所以看着你做饭温暖了我的心谢谢。Wife and I love the pizza recipe Thanks again.

  79. 作记号

    多年来一直在努力做好披萨面团,而这一个效果非常好!不用揉捏任何东西真是太好了。folks,follow this helpful recipe exactly and you'll be amazed.Thanks Jenny!!

  80. Linda

    我今晚刚做了这个,它和我最喜欢的必胜客平底披萨竞争。Thank you Jenny for all your time and efforts sharing your great 徳赢竞技recipes.

  81. Karen

    嘿,人们,昨晚做的非常棒,我看了这段视频,唯一做的改变是在番茄酱上加了一点意大利调味料,这是最好的披萨。I highly recommend,我希望我有两个铸铁平底锅,因为我会一次做两个,谢谢珍妮!!

  82. 奥菲利亚

    I have a 12 inch cast iron pan instead of 10 inch.你需要调整面团配方来增加面粉吗?酵母和水,etc?谢谢。

    • 珍妮

      I would leave the recipe the same.I think it will still fill the pan.

      • 奥菲利亚

        Thanks Jenny,,请
        This is the best pizza recipe I have ever tried.It becomes a weekly routine for our family to have this pizza for lunch on Saturday or Sunday.

  83. 唐娜

    嗨,詹妮,做你的便当披萨。你能说爱情爱它吗?我做过最简单的面团配方。我丈夫喜欢。Keep bringing your wonderful 徳赢竞技recipes.

  84. 罪孽

    你的外壳很好,很容易组装起来。I am diabetic,so I use wheat flour all of the time (takes longer to break down into sugars) and I thought I'd try your pizza using wheat flour.Oh Lordy,你的比萨饼到了吗?Never thought I could make a pizza dough by just adding yeast to the flour and water.出来的很好。下一站,鸡肉馅饼或尝试用炖牛肉作为填料。

  85. 纳布

    Jenny – your recepies are super easy and the best thing is you avoid fatting ingredients which is super…

    I wanted to check can we use all purpose flour instead of 徳赢彩票投注bread flour?我想如果我们为我们选择的浇头添加配料,就不会有任何问题了??

    thanx in advance 🙂


    • 珍妮

      All purpose flour is fine to use.Moisture is the enemy of a crispy crust so try to remove some moisture from your toppings first.我通常用微波炉加热mu切片的配料,比如辣椒,洋葱,蘑菇(尤其是蘑菇)在纸巾之间停留30秒,然后用更多纸巾吸干。If you don't microwave,至少在添加前要吸干它们。

  86. Jason

    lady,I wish you knew how frustrated I have been in the last 4 years trying to find the perfect pizza recipe.一直到现在我都很生气,我刚烤完比萨饼吃了,真是太神奇了,我会用这个食谱做每一个比萨饼,it was perfect golden crust with a very nice crunch and a light soft chewy and airy inside,我喜欢这个食谱,its the one ive been looking for all these years 🙂 your fantastic Thanks a million,cant wait to bake this again for my Daughter!!!

  87. Roger

    I made this crust last night,it was super easy,它是完美的。谢谢这个食谱,now I have another one proofing for tonight=).

  88. Debie Davis


    • 珍妮

      我想你需要铸铁,会变得很热,to develop that great crispy crust.

  89. Rick


    • 珍妮

      起初我不确定你能不能,但我做了一些研究,看起来你可以在一夜暴涨后冻结它。Then defrost the dough overnight in the fridge.一旦解冻,allow it to sit at room temperature and once it reaches room temperature,把它放在抹了油的锅里,然后按照步骤3中的食谱进行操作。I have never done this so please report back with your results.

  90. 卡洛琳

    I made your No Knead Pizza in the cast iron,and let me say,我可能再也不会从全食中买面包皮了。你的披萨是最好的。Thank you

  91. 纳丁



    • 珍妮


  92. 兰斯

    Tried the recipe and it turned out great.Glad I saw this for the simple crust.

  93. Terry Walter

    This looks awesome.

    Love you Jenny and your 徳赢竞技recipes.

    • Terry Walter


      • 珍妮

        特里thanks for the great photo of your pizza.它张贴在你的照片/我的食谱”徳赢竞技section of the blog.(我不知道怎么把它放在这里…)

        • 罗恩

          I am 71 and have been trying to perfect my pizza dough for years and I watched your video on pan pizza,I fell in love with your recipe.Thank you it's so good.

  94. Troy J


    Do I need to adjust for elevation?我在阿尔伯克鲁克,牛米。The elevation is just over 5,000.When I followed the directions the dough was quite rough… How much more water should I add??


    • 珍妮

      I have no experience at all with high altitude baking but I did find some good information on thefreshloaf.com about this type of no-knead overnight dough…"气压在5000英尺以下,所以你的面团实际上应该比海平面上升得更快。That raises the risk of the dough not developing sufficient structure which,in turn,can cause it to deflate or"collapse".看着面团,不是为了防止面团打样过度。一些面包师在高海拔地区减少30%-50%的酵母含量,以更好地控制酵母含量的上升。也,在海拔较高的地方,湿度会下降(空气比较干燥),所以当你烤的面包远远高于海平面时,有时有必要再加水。徳赢彩票投注海平面60%的水化面团在4000-5000英尺的高度可能需要65%或更多。”我希望这有帮助。

  95. 雷蒙德

    今天在德克萨斯州南部的一个营地做了这个披萨。I didn't get one piece!!哈这么好

  96. 电子战

    Hello.首先,我非常感谢你的网站和所有的食谱。徳赢竞技I love your healthy and tasty cooking.我要烤披萨,我有个问题。用铸铁烤盘(有凹槽的烤盘)烤披萨可以吗??

    • 珍妮

      Oh,这是个棘手的问题。我的第一个反应是,它不会起作用,因为部分外壳会脆而部分柔软。But then I thought that if the dough spreads into the grooves,它应该,也许它会起作用。所以你可以吃脆的,yet bumpy,crust.我希望我可以肯定地说,但我想我会试试的。我希望如果你尝试的话,你会回来报到,因为这对其他有类似平底锅的人来说是很好的了解。祝你好运!!

  97. 特蕾莎

    我可以用万能面粉得到同样的结果吗?Thanks in advance 🙂

    • 珍妮


      • 特蕾莎

        Thanks.One more question,我可以用不含麸质的面粉代替吗??

        • 珍妮

          I have never made gluten free pizza but from what I've read I don't think an overnight dough like this would work without gluten.

  98. Victoria


  99. 兰姆普斯

    我有一个超级容易的面团在碗里过夜,但我有一个关于平底锅大小的问题。食谱上写着10英寸的披萨产量,还提到了10英寸的滑雪板。在视频中你提到了11英寸。My Lodge 12″ is a model #10SK and from the specs 10″ internal bottom but up top it fits a 12″ lid…

    从视频中我猜我用的是合适尺寸的熨斗——我想。I guess I'll find out tomorrow!如果错了,我下次只需要增加大约1.5倍的配料。

    • 珍妮

      I'm sorry about the confusion.I have two cast iron pans and used them both in the video,10英寸和11英寸。我想你的12英寸就可以了,因为它比我的11英寸红的大不了多少,and there should be enough dough to spread to the edges.Please let me know how it turns out.

      • 兰姆普斯

        I burnt my finger checking the bottom crust and the roof of my mouth while eating it so I'd say very good!它停了两下,然后很好地把锅装满了。I ended up cooking for 12 minutes at 500°F (my gas oven max) and then checked at two minute intervals pulling it at about 17 minutes.Before and after:http://goo.gl/KFIkMg

  100. Andrew

    这披萨真是太棒了。面团又轻又脆,酱汁的量也恰到好处。Thank you so much for the great recipe,this one will so be used again!!

  101. 玛丽莲

    Thank You!!!!!Love your website….making pan pizza today….already got dough rising….

  102. 珍妮

    我喜欢你所有的视频!徳赢真人视讯The 徳赢竞技recipes never fail!!!!!

  103. mimosakpl

    爱你!!Can't wait to try this recipe 🙂

  104. Beverlee

    Sounds good and nearly..good for us that are watching our weight

  105. lpeper1964

    That looks fabulous,珍妮!!我迫不及待想做这个披萨:)

  106. Debbie Chou

    hi Jenny ~
    I just wanted to say to you that all of your 徳赢竞技recipes look so delicious.I bought your cookbook (Look Good Feel Great) & have not made any of the 徳赢竞技recipes yet.But I wanted to comment that I absolutely love how you were the photographer & set up all of the dishes & meals with such brilliant color co-ordination.这些照片看起来非常明亮和壮观。You are not only a talented cook,but a gifted photographer!!我喜欢读每张照片,关于你是如何为照片购买物品的,以及它们是如何组合在一起的。我以前也看过你的脱口秀。我其实更喜欢烘焙而不是烹饪。Do you prefer one over the other?Anyway,have a nice day.我住在美丽的温哥华岛,BC,Canada.我觉得你是加拿大人??Keep up your talented work.🙂 Sincerely,Debbie Chou

    • 珍妮

      Debbie,谢谢你的夸奖。我来自伦敦,Ontario but I've never been to B.C….然而。像你一样,I prefer baking over cooking,可能是因为我非常喜欢甜食。That's why I'm always coming up with healthy desserts.Thanks for taking time to write.


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