2-HOUR Fastest No Knead 徳赢彩票投注Bread


No knead 徳赢彩票投注bread in two hours?Believe it!测量前一定要给面粉充气。-珍妮琼斯


Cook Time:40 minutes

Total Time:2 hours




  • 3杯面包粉(万徳赢彩票投注能)
  • 2茶匙速溶或速生酵母(1包/7克)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/2杯热水(最高130°F)
  • (大约2汤匙额外的面粉用于成型)


  1. Combine flour,酵母和盐放在一个大碗里。在水中搅拌,直到混合均匀。
  2. 用塑料薄膜覆盖,室温下静置1小时。
  3. 40分钟后,place a 3 to 6-quart Dutch oven with lid in a cold oven and preheat to 450° F.
  4. 面团休息一小时后,place it on a well-floured surface and sprinkle with a little flour.用刮刀把面团折叠10-12次,做成一个粗糙的球。
  5. Place in a parchment paper-lined bowl and cover with a towel or another bowl.让我们站在台面上15分钟。
  6. After 15 minutes,仔细地,using oven gloves,lift the parchment paper and dough from the bowl and place gently into the hot pot.(羊皮纸也放进锅里)盖上盖子烤30分钟。
  7. After 30 minutes,取下盖子和羊皮纸。返回,裸露的烘烤10分钟。

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  1. 史蒂夫

    我多年来一直在支持面包,你总是要想清楚你徳赢彩票投注犯的错误,不断地努力。这个食谱总是完美的。我做了好几次,我甚至把食谱增加到4杯面粉,而不是2杯水。The dough is a little moist but not to much.It is perfect for when you need somthing fast.这是我从烤箱中取出前没有检查过的第一个菜谱,it just is perfect every time by the recipe times.谢谢你,珍妮!!

  2. 莉莉

    Hi there,,

    只是个简单的问题。我为圣诞节买了一个荷兰烤箱,但它的最高安全温度是400华氏度。我知道很多食谱需要450华氏度。徳赢竞技What is the major difference that 50 degrees would make?Not quite a crispy crust??


  3. tried this.not impressed.照信做的。用最初的“球”努力工作。太松了,too sticky.did not form a ‘sticky ball' to put onto parchment for next rise.had to add a goodly amount of flour just to ‘dry it out'.did the whole dutch oven idea.came out light just like the video.第二次“无掩护”进行了10分钟。再一次,和视频一样是棕色的。让它冷却,把它切开。体面但不是特别的面包屑,and actually slightly undercooked.the ‘worst' part was that the bottom crust was too thick and hard to cut through and chew.
    我不明白的是这个食谱和另一个不揉,唯一的区别是酵母的数量(1/4茶匙对2茶匙)和上升/烘烤时间。这个“球”太小了。wonder why.

    • Jenny Can Cook


    • 戈德

      对艾尔的回应-你做错了。I have never made 徳赢彩票投注bread in my entire life except for this recipe.绝对A

  4. 五月五月

    I just took mine out of the oven and OH-MY-GOODNESS does it ever look and smell delicious!I've made the recipe where you let it sit overnight or longer,but this is just so much easier and I don't have to plan way in advance.我喜欢使用羊皮纸。It sure makes for an easy cleanup.谢谢您,thank you!!

  5. Made it with 4 year old yeast and it turned out great!Looked just like 6our photos

  6. 詹姆斯·托里斯


  7. a.克利里

    这是一个伟大的面包…我的第二个最爱后,原来没有揉面包!徳赢彩票投注谢谢!但我想传递一个安全提示。When you pre-heat the dutch oven,take the lid off.如果盖上盖子加热,里面的空气会变成过热的当你打开盖子把面团放进去的时候,the air can actually catch fire.谢谢我的消防队长!!

    • 五月五月


  8. Deb

    I didn't use instant yeast and it turned out perfect anyway.Somehow I missed that detail and have only regular yeast on hand.

  9. Dave in Florida


  10. 杰西卡


  11. Helen

    你好,can I use a thick ceramic bowl with a glass lid instead of the dutch bowl?因为我没有。If so,我应该在什么温度下烤多久??

  12. Jill C

    珍妮,你让它看起来很简单!And it WAS!!我试了快面包和快面包,徳赢彩票投注两个都很棒!I was wondering if you could add raisins and nuts??
    Glad I found your video's,can't wait to try and make some of your holiday treats.

    • Jenny Can Cook


      • 尼娜·阿尔茨基勒

        Quick and easy.Almost indistinguishable from the 18-hour version,但不完全是这样。When I'm in a hurry,这是我的任务。它没有硬皮,也没有酸味,but it's a lovely loaf.

  13. Leslie

    不幸的是,我不能吃小麦麸质。我可以用什么其他的面粉,它们应该是什么尺寸?I have found that potato and quinoa and millet flours are quite tasty.But the measurements are different…

  14. Mary Ellerd


  15. 比尔

    I tried making my loaf with 100% whole wheat and I even added wheat gluten.烤面包的徳赢彩票投注时候,面包并没有真正升起。想知道发生了什么?The loaf made with 徳赢彩票投注bread flour turned out fine.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      This 2-hour version is not intended for whole wheat flour.I suggest you stick with my proven 徳赢竞技recipes for multi-gr徳赢彩票投注ain breads and make sure your yeast is fresh.My FAQs deal with a lot of baking issues.https://www.vwin竞技酵母-baking/我希望这有帮助。

      • DHR

        不幸的是,直到我在食谱中用了全麦面粉之后,我才看懂这条线。What should I expect?有什么关于全麦面包将如何推出的描述吗??

  16. TERRY H-H

    我很喜欢做这个面包。徳赢彩票投注I used 1 cup AP,1 1/4 cup 徳赢彩票投注Bread flour,1/2杯黑麦,and 1/4 cup Spelt (aerated flours) and 1 tsp sea salt,然后将1茶匙速溶酵母菌加入120°纯水中,经1/2杯酵母发酵剂,共测1 1/2杯液体。


  17. 亚尼


  18. 雅一

    Thank for this recipe it work superb easy and tastes good 😋😋

  19. 百灵鸟


  20. Amanda

    真的!太棒了!Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.我是个不错的糖果面包师,但总是吃不到面包。徳赢彩票投注直到今天。I can officially check this off my life list!!

  21. 米切尔


  22. Tina

    I made this one today and it came out so delicious.比过夜快,而且味道也更好。

  23. Tina

    Can you add less water and add olive oil along with rosemary??

    • Susie

      Yes…but just under1/3 c evoo.黑橄榄,迷迭香是的!!

      • Ilene


  24. Clinton

    This was the first time I've ever made 徳赢彩票投注bread,结果很神奇!我只有一个2夸脱的玻璃烤盘,所以我把食谱减半了,and everything stilll turned out great!As a poor starving college kid who can eat 徳赢彩票投注bread like it's nobody's business,用这个食谱烤我自己的面包可以徳赢彩票投注省下这么多钱!我不得不停止吃整条面包!!

    • 纳纳半岛

      You have to be very careful using glass pans for this at that heat level.425度通常是最热的玻璃锅烤箱。你有玻璃爆炸的危险。

    • 纳纳半岛

      Glass pans are not safe to use over 425º in the oven.你有玻璃爆炸的危险。

  25. 约旦斯坦斯特拉


    • Jenny Can Cook

      这段视频是为了一个不同的速度4 1/2小时面包1/4茶匙。酵母。This recipe is for a new Fastest 2-hour loaf and it needs 2 tsp.酵母。If you followed the recipe as written it will turn out.

  26. Jane Goulet


  27. 埃里克

    can you do half whole wheat and half 徳赢彩票投注bread flour??

  28. 加里

    Had a crush on you since I first saw one of your 徳赢真人视讯videos!!


  29. Nicole

    有人试过用乳清代替水吗?I am thinking it might make it more sourdough-ish.我冰箱里有很多做酸奶和榨酸奶的乳清。

  30. Denis

    Made this recipe as directed.徳赢彩票投注Bread seemed a bit doughy.用过的面包徳赢彩票投注粉。

  31. Doug


  32. Maggie

    今天我做了一份美味的食谱。I watched the video on YouTube 2 times and told my husband not to talk to me while I was trying to make 徳赢彩票投注bread……I do not have a Dutch Oven,所以我用了我的3夸脱。Cuisinart不锈钢平底锅,玻璃盖上有一个金属把手。我在网上查了一下我的电视机,它可以承受500度的高温,所以我想试试看。
    I did everything else exactly like you said Jenny,我甚至用温度计检查了水,以确保温度不超过130度。
    好,after I finished baking it,my husband asked me 3 times,“我现在能要一些吗??LOL.最后,在冷却了大约30分钟后,他吃了一些黄油。
    He continued and said,“我们结婚28年了,你一直对我坚持要我做这样的面包!徳赢彩票投注!
    好,这个食谱肯定是个保姆,我丈夫也是!!🙂 Thanks Jenny!!🙂

    • 苔丝

      This is such a sweet post.Congrats on your enduring marriage and your successful 徳赢彩票投注bread!!

  33. DANIEL

    我已经做了一个月了,我意识到没有必要使用荷兰烤箱的东西,just slide it into the oven and it will.turn out the same.我也放了更少的水,足够让面团容易成型。

    • 帕特丽夏

      你刚把它放进烤箱?你写了什么?它太软了,不能放在架子上。Did you use a cookie sheet,a pie pan or what??

    • 鲍勃

      How was the crust?I understand without steam the crust is just a dull brown,或者至少当我试着在饼干片上做面团的时候,它是一层薄薄的、暗褐色的外壳。没有什么比使用荷兰烤箱或把一锅水放在饼干片下面的架子上更好的了。Let us know about the crust.

  34. 来自NJ的安德列

    今天做了第二次,比以前好多了!I used king Arthur 徳赢彩票投注bread flour,我相信这和普通的AP面粉有区别。在我的5夸脱铸铁杜尔奇烤箱。

  35. Julie-FNP


  36. Liam Maclarnan

    Hey Jenny,,

    来自英国的爱。我们尝试了你的面包食谱,不幸徳赢彩票投注的是,我们不徳赢竞技太成功,然后我们发现美国和英国。cup measures are different.你介意用克和毫升开方吗?我会感激的。Thanks ever so much.Liam

  37. 考特尼


    • 尼萨

      Yes you can!我做了,面包做得很漂亮。徳赢彩票投注遵循激活酵母的(包装)说明,当需要混合面包配料时(按照珍妮的配方)。徳赢彩票投注只需从配方中列出的水中减去用来激活酵母的水量。轻松的生活!!

  38. Dawna

    我做了这个面包,加了4盎徳赢彩票投注司特别锋利的白色切达干酪,一份墨西哥胡椒粉和一勺大蒜粉。Everyone loved it.谢谢你的食谱!!

    • 乔纳森

      Fave is 1/2 cup chopped Vidalia onion and a 1/2 cup chopped Italian parsley.

    • 苔丝

      I've made it adding roasted garlic cloves and chopped fresh herbs… O.MG.Fantastic served with either Olive oil or goat cheese.

  39. Vicki

    这面包真好徳赢彩票投注吃!Made it just as directed and it came out beautiful and my husband loved it.Thanks so much for the recipe,它是一个守门员!!!!

  40. Judy Mutter

    喜欢这个食谱!Jenny you have hit a home run,my family and friends love the 徳赢彩票投注bread.They cannot believe how easy and quick it is.

  41. 艾米

    Can this be done in 徳赢彩票投注bread pans?Please advise.I love all your 徳赢竞技recipes you need to be back on TV maybe food network I miss you.很高兴我在你身上找到你。

  42. 琳达

    我每周至少给他做3-4次面包。徳赢彩票投注总是很棒。My friends think I'm amazing.(SSHHHH)
    Am I missing something by not using the fast yeast?Still comes out great but just wondering what is the difference.

  43. 拉金

    我可以把食谱翻一番吗,如果可以的话,how long should I cook it??

  44. Jan

    非常感谢你的食谱,所有常见问题解答和你的博客珍妮!我先试试面包卷(没有荷兰烤炉)。这个食谱昨天。It was perfect!我不敢相信我烤面包,徳赢彩票投注which I've never done.所有的提示,especially aerating flour are so helpful & all the comments as well.还有你的视频,徳赢真人视讯奥姆斯,so fun & helpful for someone who is clueless about baking.There was a comment from someone who mentioned they used a baking sheet covered with one of those large throwaway lasagna pans.I don't have a dutch oven,所以我试过了,it worked PERFECTLY!Sorry I can't find the comment now to give credit,但非常感谢那个分享的人。我严格按照珍妮的食谱做,用了一个方形的不锈钢锅,我有一个谁知道在哪里,with the tin lasagna pan on top.Since some commenters mentioned hard bottoms,我在底部放了一个棕色的硅胶衬里。It usually browns the bottom of cookies/biscuits,but totally not necessary for this 徳赢彩票投注bread & it did not brown the bottom at all,boo!I will not use it next time.Also,I'm using a large toaster oven (will take 1/4 sheet pan 9×13).希望这能帮助那些使用烤面包机烤箱的人,也不确定这个食谱是否可行。确实如此,去做吧!有时烤面包机的烤箱温度需要调低,因为它们太小了——我通常调低25华氏度。我是第一次严格按照食谱做的,这面包似乎不需要温度调节。徳赢彩票投注我还是不敢相信这个笨手笨脚的非面包师在这里谈论烤面包,徳赢彩票投注大声笑!Thanks again Jenny for your 徳赢竞技recipes,你是我的英雄!感谢所有分享小费的人的评论,太有帮助了。

  45. 吉尔

    I'm really interested in trying variations of this 徳赢彩票投注bread,because I love the basic recipe so much!Do you have any suggestions?我的第一反应是扔一把磨碎的奶酪和一些大蒜粉。Have you made it with mix-ins??

  46. 萨布丽娜

    so actually the pot heating up in the oven would be a total of 35 minutes?preheating 20 minutes of the last time the dough sits for the hour.当面团和羊皮纸一起放在碗里的时候还在烤箱里加热?总共35分钟。

  47. Island Kate

    我是第一次用有机发芽全麦速溶面粉做这个食谱。I made no substitutions other than using regular active yeast instead of instant.It turned out delicious!Beautiful 徳赢彩票投注bread.This is a game changer for me.Thank you Jenny 🙂

  48. Tamara Kuykendall

    最好的面包徳赢彩票投注和超级容易!!!My husband that really isn't a 徳赢彩票投注bread eater can't stop eating 😂

  49. 吉尔

    这面包太棒徳赢彩票投注了!I'm a novice 徳赢彩票投注bread maker and very nervous about working with yeast.The very first time I used this recipe,followed to a T using 徳赢彩票投注bread flour,it was so very foolproof and OMG…the end result?!好吃!味道和质地都很好。我会一次又一次地做这个。谢谢您!!!

  50. BL

    我试过几种速食不揉面包配方,但这一种是迄今为止最好的。徳赢竞技徳赢彩票投注我用黑铸铁荷兰烤炉的烘焙技巧,raised the rack to the middle of the oven,把烘烤的温度降到425度,然后按照食谱做。The 徳赢彩票投注bread was not gummy or damp.I let it rest for 2 hours which made cutting easy.这绝对是个守门员。

  51. CJ

    这个食谱能用在2夸脱的荷兰烤炉里吗?It looks delicious!Thanks

    • Jan

      I am looking at the Lodge 2 qt cast iron dutch oven for this 徳赢彩票投注bread too.Several reviews on Amazon say this pot works perfectly for the recipe.Hope this helps!!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      我相信2夸脱对这个食谱来说太小了。You need room inside the pot for steam to circulate.

  52. CJ

    Can I use a 2 qt capacity dutch oven for this recipe??

  53. Theresa

    Beside using a dutch oven have you ever used a glazed clay pot or a copper pot to bake the 徳赢彩票投注bread?我有两个铜壶,大小都很完美。

  54. Jasmine

    这个食谱很好。我不喜欢做面包,徳赢彩票投注or baking really,我从来都不知道。但这太好了。And easy.唯一的缺点是很难不马上吃整条面包。
    I proof it in my instant pot and use yogurt whey (when I have it) instead of water.
    Thanks for the great recipe!!

    • Crazy Cat Lady =^••^=

      What setting do you use to proof dough in your Instant Pot?谢谢!!

  55. Omar

    Hi Jenny!Just stumbled onto your YouTube vid this morning by accident…so good to see you"back on the air"again.我是个老家伙,living in a cabin in the woods,and I don't have an oven,它不太热(生面),因为圣诞节我给自己买了一个一锅压力烹饪的东西……想知道你是不是,或者某人,有没有在一个锅里做过这个面包?徳赢彩票投注祝福你!!

  56. 帕梅拉


  57. 里克科斯格雷夫

    I use some sourdough starter and1/2 tsp.酵母。
    Turn the loaf on to parchment paper.
    I've made this a lot and this provides the BEST rise!!

  58. 雪莉


    • 吕慧仪

      Run a knife along the top and create about a half inch slit 🙂

      • 雪莉

        谢谢您。I tried that but I think my knife was too dull.我将用一把锋利的刀再试一次。Many thanks,面包烘烤快乐……徳赢彩票投注

        • Jenny Can Cook

          The split usually happens naturally but you can also use scissors or a razor blade.

        • Kiwicottage


  59. LEIGH

    我今天试过了这个面包,因为徳赢彩票投注我试过了其他多种来源的面包配方——10倍容易。徳赢竞技and 100x better.Thank you so much Jenny- a complete success,期待着再做一次,尝试你的其他食谱!徳赢竞技!

  60. 巴尔博

    I made this 徳赢彩票投注bread today and it is a perfect crunchy crust and soft insides.
    water on bottom shelf.Big baking bowl with lid and used spritzer with
    酸面包在这个面包里。徳赢彩票投注You make the difficult so EZ.谢谢
    我爱的面徳赢彩票投注包。Oh my gosh,the toast is divine.

  61. Lillie


  62. D.“琳恩“Carmichael(女士)

    谢谢,珍妮!我的“Rapido”不揉面包看起来就像你照片上的一样:看起来不错,tastes great.它有一个纹理细密的“面包屑”…谁知道呢?on such an easy-to-make loaf?It makes a bit of a mockery of all those old-school home-made 徳赢彩票投注breads that took 36+ hours of professional-boxer kneading and rising …

  63. 杰基

    我的荷兰烤箱只有400度才安全。Can I bake 徳赢彩票投注bread at 400?还要多长时间?它还说空的时候不要加热。加热时需要加油还是什么??

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I can't advise that you go over the temperature limit but I believe they mean not to heat it empty on the stove top (assuming it's enameled cast iron).

    • 丽莎

      如果是黑色的,最好买一个顶部的金属旋钮来代替你的。I hear the black knobs eventually breaks or explodes while baking.

  64. 雪莉

    这面包非常徳赢彩票投注好吃,最简单的食谱!!I am still stunned that I can now have fresh baked 徳赢彩票投注bread on the table in 2 hours.非常感谢。I'm now going to try baking your rolls.

  65. 凯利B

    I'm making this for the 2nd time in a week!It was gone in about 20 minutes last week.我又做了一次,吃些豆汤,让房子在这么冷的时候暖和起来,cold day.Love that I can decide to make this on the spur of the moment.谢谢!!

  66. 凯莉C

    I can't believe I did it!很高兴我找到了你的食谱。新年的火鸡大餐,每个人都在节食,我不想吃面包卷。在最后一分钟,I couldn't go through with no 徳赢彩票投注bread on the table… I found this recipe,试过…令我惊讶的是,这太棒了!直到我们切开面包,I didn't think it would turn out.每个人都喜欢,and recipe was shared 🙂

  67. 亚历克斯


  68. Angie

    如果我把食谱翻一番,烹饪/上升时间会改变吗?I want to make this but it needs to feed 7 people.

  69. 戴安娜

    Can I use 徳赢彩票投注bread flour in this recipe??

  70. 凯伦会做饭

    我祝福我找到你的网站的那一天。I have always wanted to make an awesome artisan 徳赢彩票投注bread but sadly I never found the right recipe until I found you!你真是天赐良机,几天之内我做了几条2小时的快餐。徳赢彩票投注有一件事是缺少了味道。地壳,crumb,这种轻松令人惊叹。I always have my Irish Kerry Gold butter ready to use.I was wondering if I can use 2+ tsp of salt.I've using Hawaiian pink salt or Kosher.I am planning on making several loaves of 徳赢彩票投注bread for my friends who has no idea I'm making bread.所以,我的问题是,它会抛弃面包的科学吗?徳赢彩票投注太好吃了,想尝尝面包屑的味道。请告诉我想做什么。Christmas is right around the corner 😬😬😬😬 Thanks Jenny!顺便说一句,我知道你和你认识的人一起发现了命运的孩子!I was watching that day

    • 珍妮

      在不影响科学的情况下,多用盐配这个食谱是可以的。(I forgot about Destiny's Child)

      • 卡拉

        我想知道你能不能把磨碎的奶酪加到这个食谱里。Would love a cheese 徳赢彩票投注bread!!

        • Kate from Ottawa

          嗨,卡拉,做了干原料之后,我加了亚洲人奶酪,halved black olives…make sure the olives are somewhat dry.Stir the ingredients,然后加水。I have taken this to parties and people dip pieces into olive oil.亚裔奶酪是我最喜欢的奶酪

      • 凯伦会做饭

        珍妮!你怎么能忘记在国家电视台第一次介绍碧昂丝?!!That's so funny!我记得就像昨天一样,我从未忘记。Thank you Jenny for many years of good times as well as many year of good cooking & Artisan 徳赢彩票投注bread!我的Ahhead!👏👏👏

  71. 琳达海峡

    li made this recipe for your 3 hour rise.这是我做过的最好的一次。Today I will make this 2 hour recipe.By the reviews,这样会更好。
    Thanks for your wonderful 徳赢竞技recipes.Love your 徳赢真人视讯videos.

  72. Gail

    Can this be made in a gluten free way?建议??

  73. 莎拉

    Would it change anything to use other kinds of flour?Whole wheat for example??

    • 珍妮


      • 维克林


        I've been looking for your"other variations"to see if 100% whole wheat flour could be used in your 2-hour no-knead 徳赢彩票投注bread,但我也找不到。

        我知道你说过你在4小时内用了100%全麦面粉,so can I safely assume that it works for this one as well?你还要加什么吗?比如100%全麦面筋?谢谢您!!

  74. 凯伦会做饭

    I've made 5 of these beautiful 徳赢彩票投注breads over the past 3 days.绝对完美!I will NEVER EVER eat any other 徳赢彩票投注bread again!现在我不做饭的女儿想和我一起做面包!徳赢彩票投注!!Thanks Jenny!!

    • 唐娜


  75. 克里斯廷


  76. Alecia

    不确定照片是否会发布。刚做的,结果很完美!!53248916245_uuu e194153f-2838-4d7d-888d-4abd79976cb0.jpg

    • 珍妮

      To send a photo please use the link provided in"Your Photos."“

  77. 玛丽

    爱你的能量,使观看更愉快。我注意到你用荷兰烤炉烤不揉面包。徳赢彩票投注旅馆的指示上说永远不要空热。Do you add oil or water when heating yours?我恐怕在读到另一个网站的海报说她的炸弹爆炸后,我会毁了我的。

    • 珍妮


    • 温迪

      我一直在用小屋做这个食谱,我的从未爆炸过。Sounds like maybe hers might have had a defect.

    • 来自NJ的安德列

      Per lodge,那是说明书上的一个错误。你可以把它清空。

  78. Cheryl D.Clayton

    Just made it.Turned out wonderful!!!!

  79. 艾米

    你的面包食谱可以用面团冷冻吗?徳赢竞技徳赢彩票投注My Hubby is a farmer and I have tons of wheat to go through lol.
    Thank you for your time😊

    • 艾米


  80. Love your 徳赢竞技recipes.你是个很棒的厨师,但最重要的是你是一个伟大的导师。The great instructions you provide make us better cooks.
    Whenever I am looking for a recipe I check your website.
    Keep publishing!!!!


  81. Nicole L.

    真的!!惊人的面包。徳赢彩票投注我刚做了这个食谱。我没时间给它拍照。只需要把我的牙齿插进去。Best ever!!!No more running out for 徳赢彩票投注bread 😉

  82. 伯内特


  83. 杰基

    珍妮,I love,love,喜欢你的食谱。徳赢竞技I have made your other 徳赢彩票投注breads and they were all excellent but I have to admit this one (so far) is my favorite.For anyone that is afraid to make your own 徳赢彩票投注bread,珍妮的食谱很容易徳赢竞技做。只要按指示走就行了,you won't be sorry!!

    Thanks Jenny 🙂

    Oh and the pizza dough is to die for!!

  84. Mary White

    我做了3个你的面包食谱,它们都很受欢迎。徳赢竞技徳赢彩票投注But I must admit this one is my favorite!我总是被做面包吓坏,因为不管什么原因面包总是失败的。徳赢彩票投注但这些食谱很容易遵循徳赢竞技,我们在2小时内吃了面包。徳赢彩票投注我把迷迭香和大蒜放进烤箱前,在上面加了大蒜粉。真好吃!!

  85. 贝基

    真的!!!Now I make my own 徳赢彩票投注bread all the time.我总是在零工时跑出去买面包,徳赢彩票投注milk and eggs.At least it solved one problem.They won't allow


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