My ribs are NOT spicy hot.


My fall-off-the-bone ribs are NOT spicy hot.This recipe has been really popular but having an international following has brought on some new challenges.I'm hearing,"I made your fall-off-the-bone ribs and they did fall off the bone but they were so spicy hot we couldn't eat them."It turns out that spices are not the same all over the world and the different labeling in some countries has caused my delicious ribs to be too hot to eat.But I don't like spicy foods and my ribs are not supposed to be hot,因此,我来这里是为了澄清我的国际访问者的困惑。

My rub and sauce 徳赢竞技recipes call for辣椒粉但我想有些人用的是辣椒,这可不是一回事。Not at all.  Chili Powder is a mixture of spices and peppers and is a bit spicy but not anywhere near hot.That's why I use 2 teaspoons in my rub and my sauce.但是2茶匙辣椒粉,这是纯辣椒,will bring tears to your eyes!!

好像这还不够,术语“辣椒和“chile"are often used interchangeably but they don't always mean the same thing.辣椒面is usually a blend of spices and it not considered hot,whileChile powder最常指纯麻辣辣椒。因为每个国家都不同,the only way to tell is to READ THE INGREDIENT LABEL and DO NOT USE pure ground cayenne red chili pepper.


我贴的菜徳赢竞技谱都是我自己做的,我不喜欢辣的食物,所以我希望这能帮助从马来西亚到澳大利亚到比利时的每个人享受这些美味的脱骨食品,NOT SPICY HOT ribs.And my thanks to Lee and Alissa who took time to let me know.点击这里为了食谱。–Jenny Jones

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  1. Cathy Hunter


  2. CK

    刚刚找到你,珍妮。I'm new at this iPad thing wow this is great seeing you.your 徳赢真人视讯videos are great finally healthy food!You look familiar,你在电视上看过吗?也许是一口肥皂井,不管怎样,不错的食谱会尝试很多种徳赢竞技

  3. "D""

    Made these ribs yesterday using your recipe,the rub and your BBQ sauce,to say my family was pleased would be an understatement,the pork ribs just fell apart were tender and juicy thank you for sharing this recipe,我下次尝尝牛排吧。

  4. Victoria

    珍妮,我很喜欢这个食谱,我以前做过,用烧烤酱是最好的,但是今天这批我用的是小宝宝雷的,还蛮好的。揉搓是必须的。This recipe is my no fail ribs

  5. 德里克麦克劳利

    Hey Jenny,,

    I live up in Sudbury,Ontario Canada.I made your ribs and bbq sauce for the boys when we were on an ice fishing trip.太棒了!!!Everyone loved it and we ended up catching our limits…lol

    • 珍妮会做饭

      Glad to hear it.I'm from Canada too (London) and have visited Sudbury.

      • 亚当·库维斯

        Jenny,I KNEW there was something extra likable about you in addition to all the other things– you're from CANADA!我爱加拿大和加拿大人。七十年代初,我在魁地科度过了三个夏天,79年去了颤栗山的赛车学校。I fly a Canadian flag here in Atlanta.喜欢你的食谱,徳赢竞技并且已经为家庭做了许多。Keep up the great work!!

  6. 凯伦

    Where do I find the recipe for how to cook the ribs?Do I use baby back ribs or the thicker saint Louis style ribs and what about quantity of ribs?期待着烹饪这个食谱。

  7. 凯伦

    Looking forward to cooking this recipe

  8. 桑德拉

    你好,珍妮,非常感谢你这个食谱。I'm going to make it this evening.再次感谢你,愿上帝保佑。

  9. 詹姆斯

    1茶匙。of each cause a problem??

  10. Danny Agnone

    Jenny – I gotta tell ya,亲爱的,这块橡皮,连同这些肋骨绝对是壮观的!非常感谢您花时间与世界分享这个食谱!Also,I will be using your rub recipe (maybe very slight variations thereof) for all my smoking,grilling,烧烤肉类。These are better than the best"rib-joint"在我的区域!!

  11. Marty


    • 珍妮

      The picture was measured exactly to match the recipe.

  12. 诺娜

    天啊!哈哈哈哈哈……我昨晚犯了这个错误。and Im just reading this blog today ….住在奥克兰,New Zealand and although it was really hot after waiting for almost 3 hours … it was still yummy!!My chinese colleagues love spicy..so brought it to work!迫不及待地想再试一次!!Thank you Jenny!!

  13. Mary

    Chili powder is not spicy.它在许多辣椒食谱中都有使用。徳赢竞技I think when people hear the word"辣椒他们的照片辣椒which is different.Chili powder is a flavoring that gives you that"辣椒用辣椒狗和辣椒酱调味。

  14. Mary

    我做的这些肋骨并不细腻。They are delicious!!!!
    I do not like spicy food and these ribs can never be called spicy or hot.

  15. 颂歌


  16. Vanessa

    六羟甲基三聚氰胺六甲醚,I think I'll err on the side of caution and use my house seasoning blend and for those who like it spicy,嗯,我们有一种本地的蘸酱,用全辣椒或刚磨碎的辣椒做成。Thanks for the post Jenny and keep those 徳赢竞技recipes coming!!



  18. Rhonda

    珍妮的研究信息很好。香料可能使我们中的一些人感到困惑。这就是我为什么严格按照你的食谱做的。徳赢竞技如果你不遵循食谱,你最终会得到一些完全不同的东西。I hope it didn't discourage anyone and will try making the ribs again as if you had made them 🙂

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