Jan 8,2011

I made pie

It's been a long week and I needed something relaxing to do so I decided to make pie.  What was I thinking?I could have chosen something easier like creating an algorhythm for computational approximations of seismic reflection and velocity analysis but noooooo…I chose to make a lemon meringue pie.So last night after dinner,I started by assembling all the equipment needed:

-Pie pan – check!!

-Food processor for the crust – check!!

-Zester for the lemons – check!!

-Juicer for the lemons – check!!

-Sauce pan for the filling – check!!

-Kitchenaid for the meringue – check!!

-Whisk attachment for the meringue – check!!

-Rolling pin,pie weights,bowls,量杯和勺子——检查!!

First,I had to make the crust and let it cool completely.It took over two hours to cool.然后我煮汤圆的馅,topped it with meringue,and baked the whole thing again.By now,three hours had gone by.I removed it from the oven and of course,it had to cool completely before eating.I kept busy by washing the massive amount of dishes left behind,waiting for the pie to cool.我渴望一片但是它仍然是热的。I took a bath… still hot.Did my nails… still hot.I tested some batteries,有组织的香料,sharpened some pencils… still hot.Finally I was exhausted and went to bed,feeling cheated,没有夜宵吃。Denis was still up at 2 am and put it in the fridge.I only agreed to let him put it away if he promised not to eat any.(my kitchen,my rules) So today,we finally got to taste my lemon meringue pie.It was super good – the tart lemon filling balanced with the cool meringue – awesome!!


–Don't make it at night.

–Don't cut it until it's completely cooled or you'll be calling it a lemon meringue molten cake.

——它。没有什么比自制的馅饼…除了性好。No,我认为馅饼更好。Okay,pie,then sex.

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  1. MrsNews

    OMG !That looks so good….can I just come over and have some????



  2. Rhonda

    Jenny,I love pies and cobblers.I like key lime,apple pie and peach cobbler.I like lemon meringue as well.Pies are simple enough,but waiting for them to cool isn't fun when you want to dig in right away…
    Good for you to have patiences and Denis too.I'm glad he stuck with your rule there.wouldn't一直公平对他获得第一片后你做了所有你可以与你的忍耐🙂
    Is this pie recipe in your cookbook?It looks really good.I may try and make it one day.Your 徳赢竞技recipes are easy,接受也许你结霜…哈哈…不过3次尝试后我终于做对了。Practice makes perfect as they say 🙂

    Take care,,

    • 珍妮

      The recipe is not in my book but I will try to post it on the site very soon,along with some more 徳赢真人视讯videos.

      • Rhonda

        Thank you…

      • Nancy

        看起来很好。Did you post the recipe?Thanks 🙂

        • 珍妮

          还没有,but I'm trying to get to it.Until then,my lemon brownies will have to do.🙂

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