Dec 8,2014


Guess what?There is no difference between frozen and freshly made pecan balls.我自己测试了他们,并让另外两个人做一个盲品测试,没有人能分辨出其中的不同。This is good news because anything you can make ahead for the holidays is helpful.我敢肯定,冷冻这些精美的圣诞雪球饼干的方法不止一种,但这里是我做的:

  1. Once they were completely cool and after the second roll in powdered sugar I gently placed them in a freezer bag so they were not touching.
  2. I removed as much air as possible from the bag and placed them gently in the freezer.
  3. To thaw I let them thaw overnight in the refrigerator and then brought them to room temperature.
  4. 然后我又把它们轻轻地揉成糖粉,让它们焕然一新。

So there it is.这样你就可以把自制的山核桃球冷冻起来,并有额外的时间来做……making more!To make these super easy Christmas cookies,,点击这里for the recipe.  –Jenny Jones

13 Comments on"如何冷冻核桃球"

  1. Mary-Louise

    I'm so happy I came across your YouTube blog.My husband and I love these cookies and I want to surprise him with these this Christmas.冰冻的秘诀,perfect!!
    I'll be following you going forward (and back).Happy Holidays!!

  2. Marta Hatton

    Hi Jenny love your site I dont know if you remember me from London Ont.My mom was your godmother pls email I would love to be in touch with you

  3. 马克

    How long can these cookies go without refrigeration??

    • Diana Shepherd

      How long can these go without refrigeration??

  4. Carolyn

    Brings me back to H.S.午餐室的回忆。
    安浩so good to see you and thankful for this recipe/tutorial.这个感恩节我要为我父母做这些!🦃
    Hope you & yours have a very blest one!😘

  5. Jojo

    My favorite cookies.And so easy.

    Miss the decorating shows you use to have.

    I adore you Ms Jenny.感觉我认识你。

    • 珍妮会做饭

      But I did not have a decorating show,only a talk show.

  6. Jojo

    My favorite cookies.And so easy.

    Miss the decorating shows you use to have.

    I adore you Ms Jenny.感觉我认识你。
    .Love n respect ……Jojo

  7. AlohaElyce


    Best Christmas cookie recipe for the Holidays.My husband & I ate the entire batch one evening.Thanks for sharing.

    Aloha Elyce

  8. Charlee

    Thank you for taking the time to share your recipe 徳赢真人视讯videos and tips,easy to follow and never boring.I'm making these cookies ahead to freeze for Christmas then the rib recipe tomorrow.

  9. Eileen

    Thank you for including info on how to freeze.I didn't know if these could be frozen and I just happened to see your recipe and comment.thanks so much.Christmas baking just got easier.

  10. 史蒂夫

    If you would like to get all the air out of the plastic bag,take a straw and put in a partially closed bag and draw the air out as you slowly close the bag.It works….and I also made your no need,徳赢彩票投注bread in a cast iron pot and my son and daughter swhipped it.At least they left a thank you note.(had smudges of jam on the bag)

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