May 18,2013


I hope you'll take a moment to say hello and send a greeting from your country.I never expected that my website would have so many visitors from all over the world.你从哪里来的?要从您的国家转达问候,请单击“"留言。”"

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  1. anteide

    Greetings from Tenerife,Spain.

  2. mark findlay

    Hello from Scotland 🐉

  3. Mahlon


  4. Marie

    Greetings from Switzerland.

  5. Rahima


  6. Anna

    Dziekuje,Jenny bardzo Ci dziekuje,for all your wonderful 徳赢竞技recipes!!!Warm greetings from the Gold Coast Australia :-)

  7. Elia

    I absolutely love u,i've been reading ur blog and trying ur 徳赢竞技recipes for two years.Love frm Egypt

  8. Snudder

    Hug from Denmark 🌹

  9. Josi

    GreetingS your way.Josi from Slovenia ( Yes,we both have Slavic blood running through our veins :)))

  10. 格伦·科斯基

    Hi Jenny
    I came across your quick no knead 徳赢彩票投注bread and watched the video and I said to myself hey I know her from somewhere and sure enough its from the jenny jones show.I am happy to find your site and find you well.我在加拿大萨斯卡通萨斯克。
    have a great weekend

  11. Hala El-Safy

    I love you so much,I'm from Egypt

  12. Semeer

    Hi I come from Iran 🇮🇷

  13. Isabel Lopez

    Greetings from Spain!!!!!

  14. Dr.Raoul Baida

    Hi..I am from Greece and I live and practice in Nea Epidavros..a village near are the BEST demonstrators I have ever seen..I love your humor and your smile..thank you indeed for teaching me a lot of astuces culinaire…by the way I am a medical doctor and fan of your kitchen ….dr.Raoul Baida

  15. Banu

    hi mam hw r u im banu from chennai

  16. Elita

    Dobze pani,im latvian from UK,im so mach like u 徳赢真人视讯videos.***

  17. Colin

    Hi Jenny,,
    只是想谢谢你分享这个烹饪。I am from Canada and first saw you on your talk show then just recently stumbled onto your 徳赢真人视讯videos on you tube,then visited your website.几年前,我患了重度心脏病,通过戒烟和饮食,我的生活完全改变了。I have found it very hard to eat healthy and enjoy healthy food,UNTIL you came into my life!!!So,thank you so much for the absolutely fantastic food that is also healthy.You have taught me a lot about reducing the fat in cooking and I cant explain how much I appreciate that.
    Thank you so much!!!

    • 珍妮会做饭

      I'm from Canada too (London,Ontario).Changing habits isn't easy so I'm glad my 徳赢竞技recipes are a part of your road to better health.谢谢你花时间来分享你的经验。

      • colin

        I know London well.I am near Cornwall.Small world

  18. Elena

    Love from Ukrainian Heart!!!!

  19. Anastasia

    Big hugs from the island Cyprus in mediterranean sea!!!!!

  20. Linda

    Love your great 徳赢竞技recipes,来自澳大利亚的琳达。

  21. 林达

    Love from Singapore.

  22. Keith

    😆😆 I love your cooking ❤️..From Bangkok,Thailand 🇹🇭

  23. Resha

    Love all your 徳赢竞技recipes.Thank you Jenny…from South Africa.

  24. Josie

    im from philippine

  25. Angel

    I'm AZIL Agnolas from Dubai

  26. 琳达戴维斯

    Hi Jenny,,
    I'm from the High Desert area of California.I just discovered your website about a month ago and I love your subtle,dry sense of humor as well as your great 徳赢竞技recipes.I had a Jenny-Can-Cook dinner for a few of our friends over the weekend and it was a great success.I made your 2 Hour Fastest No Knead 徳赢彩票投注Bread,Easy Baked Ziti,and Caesar salad dressing for my salad.Everything turned out very good and I received lots of compliments,我现在对你有所了解。Your 徳赢竞技recipes are very easy to understand and to prepare;your 徳赢真人视讯videos are a huge help when attempting new things (and extremely entertaining).

  27. 马丁

    Regards from Guatemala.

  28. Badmin

    ❤️Greeting from Germany 🇩🇪

  29. Asmodeus

    Greetings from Poland!!

  30. Aioria


  31. Suchitra


  32. Tom


  33. Melody

    Greetings from The Netherlands ❤

  34. Jemina

    Greatings from Finland🇫🇮💜

  35. 耶达

    Cheers from Curitiba,Brasila city with a lot of Polish heritage.

  36. Barbara

    Regards from Denmark.

  37. 玛丽亚

    I just love your 徳赢竞技recipes!Hugs from Brasil!!

  38. 德斯蒙德

    Cheers from Australia 🇦🇺

  39. Roseli


  40. Miha


  41. Marsh

    Dear Jenny.Hello from Britain.

  42. Maria Pinto

    Hi I'm from Bombay..

  43. Nihal

    I'm your fan from Egypt.

  44. 伍顿


  45. Richard Lead

    Greetings from Sydney Australia.

  46. shivani shiva


  47. Shobhini Singh

    hello there from india!碰巧看到你的视频,你觉得它很迷人。cant decide what i liked more–the recipe or your rib tickling humour.

  48. denis

    hi there you make me laugh at the ends of your video you are a funny person from montreal canada

  49. Mike wasil

    Poway Ca.Most of my adult hood was in the chicago area .

  50. Jean Basdeo

    Greetings from Montreal,Quebec.
    Greetings from Kawawachikamach,Schefferville,Quebec.

  51. Zoi Trampidou

    bravo Jenny from Chania Crete!!

  52. Desiree

    我来自康涅狄格。Not as exciting as a foreign country,but we love it here.I just wanted to tell you Jenny than you are just a joy to watch.You explain EVERYTHING just so thoroughly,and you have the most pleasant voice,soft and easy to listen to.Also,you are pleasant.That is so important,especially in this so hostile world.This is even more pronounced to me because I just recently asked a question to a chef,and her reply was so rude.Why?It was an honest question and her answer was enough to satisfy that curiosity,but so sarcastic.So yes………I will be watching you,我希望,很多次。I hope you never change

  53. Molly

    Hello Jenny,I found you on the internet and enjoy you so much.Laugh at your missing gloves and then a chicken brings them to you.You are so funny.Your 徳赢竞技recipes are great.Hi from Port Rowan Ontario Canada.

  54. David

    Greetings from San Diego,CA!!


    My wife,Beth,recently corresponded with you regarding the amount of flour to use in your Blondies recipe.They turned out great!!

    In the meantime,Beth and I have viewed several of your 徳赢真人视讯videos.As a former Army battalion surgeon,family medicine physician,儿科医生,I am thoroughly impressed with your 徳赢竞技recipes;not only are they easy to follow and delicious,但它们是“clean and healthy"as well.I am convinced that we in the medical community would see a much lower rate of obesity,diabetes,and other diseases if more people used your 徳赢竞技recipes and followed your advice regarding food preparation.Without hesitation,如果朋友或病人想走上改善营养和健康的道路,我会推荐他或她访问你的网站。

    Your 徳赢竞技reci徳赢真人视讯pes/videos are the best I have seen,and I would endorse them as such!Keep up the good work!!

    David W.Roberts,M.D.

    • Jenny

      What a lovely note – thank you so much.It's really nice to know that what I share might be making a difference.

  55. 吉田佳南江

    Hi miss Jenny nice to meet you I'm from Japan.

  56. Jihan

    Much love from Dubai.💗

  57. Celia

    Watching your 徳赢真人视讯videos from Guam.Thank you for your 徳赢竞技recipes.你的肉饼是我吃过的最好的。

  58. Manuela

    Greetings from Germany.🙂

  59. 丹尼尔

    Jen,I love your 徳赢真人视讯videos.I remember when you had your TV show.But what you are doing now is more interesting,entertaining and I am constantly learning from you.I subscribed to your"you tube"channel and check out your 徳赢真人视讯videos every day.Thank you for everything and please don't stop.

  60. Janice

    我来自奥蒙德海滩,Florida and so pleased to be trying your 徳赢竞技recipes and to have rediscovered you after all these years🤗

  61. Viola

    My name is Viola.I live in East Orange,NJ USA.I went to YouTube looking for one thing about teeth and found myself on your site.I did find info on my first search but then,saw something else I am interested in and that is"no yeast 徳赢彩票投注breads".After reading and listening to your words,我深信你是我的好老师。My interest in baking other than quick 徳赢彩票投注breads,which I love,已经被抽到了wanting to try it".You do a good job of show and tell which I need to encourage me to just do it.Keep it coming lady,and best wishes on your nice site.

  62. 丹尼尔

    Greetings from Paris.!‘ve just discovered your channel,我喜欢不时地做饭,尤其是蛋糕和其他糖果……我姐姐也做饭,以前在法国教英语,所以她会很高兴像我一样用英语做饭。Go on!you're so congenial!!

  63. Diane

    Hello from Easton,Maryland which is 45 minute south of Annapolis.I am loving your site 😋.Your 徳赢真人视讯videos are not only fun to watch but I like the fact your 徳赢竞技recipes are easy to make and so so delicious.Thankyou.

  64. Fabian

    Hugs from New Zealand.🙂

  65. Janice

    HI Jenny,so glad found your website.What amazing 徳赢竞技recipes.I have made the no knead six times already.Lots of great healthy 徳赢竞技recipes.Keep up the great work.You make me smile when I watch your 徳赢真人视讯videos as you always are so upbeat and have fun in the kitchen.

  66. Ken

    Greetings from Chiangmai Thailand.

  67. 阿里夫阿卜杜拉


  68. 贝齐

    I'm a granny now,and used to be a professional chef,so I know how to cook pretty well,但是你的菜谱太简单徳赢竞技太好吃了,我喜欢烹饪!I moved from the USA to Sydney (Australia,not Nova Scotia) 40 years ago.有时我买不到北美配料,but usually can muddle through with something found locally.

  69. Greetje

    Greetz from Holland.

  70. AIOSH

    I'm from saudi arabia,i love your food so much

  71. Titus Santiago Ronda

    我喜欢你做饭的方式!!!!hi from Puerto Rico!!!!!

  72. Chrissy

    big hug and kisses from germany Chrissy 🙂

  73. Andre

    Much love from South Africa!!

  74. kimo

    I am Egyptian guy,I am civil Engineer but I like to spend all my non working time in the kitchen,I just want say thank you sooooooooo much,you are very clever.

  75. Ken

    Hi Jenny,,
    Greetings from Chiangmai Thailand.

  76. Bettina

    Hi Jenny!!

    I'm American (from the Midwest) but I've lived in Germany for the last 26 years (half my life).I thought I was coming over for about a year or two.Oh,well.

    我今年刚刚发现你和你的网站,非常感谢你在这里所做的一切。Thank you from the bottom of my heart,stock pan and apron for all the energy,time,hard work,generosity and,obviously,passion you have put into creating and maintaining this site and your 徳赢真人视讯videos.You help me get over waves of homesickness every once in a while and you're helping me become an even better cook and baker… thank you.

    In this day and age when so many bloggers are looking for ways to monetize their talents,you present us with such wonderful free gifts (your cookbook,no-ads policy,no sponsored product recommendations,etc.) That deserves an extra THANK YOU!!

    I just read in the"Ask Me"section that you turned 70 this year,我惊呆了。Your looks and energy level would NEVER have given your age away!What a great example you set for a healthy lifestyle.Thanks for sharing your gifts with the rest of the world,and thank you,Internet,for making it possible for me over here to benefit from you over there!!

    Warmest regards and all the best,,

    • Jenny

      Thanks for taking time to send such a nice note.

  77. Jim SPIERS

    Hi Jenny,我来自英国苏塞克斯郡。I tried your Salmon Patties and they turned out first time,做得好。!!!!

    Keep up the good work.
    Jim x

  78. élo

    Hello!I am French and I live in India.Your no knead 徳赢彩票投注bread recipe is amazing: I used to say I miss bread,now I make it myself and it looks and tastes like it's from the bakery 🙂 I have been sharing it with lots of people.Thank you so much!!

  79. Denise

    Hello Jenny Loving your 徳赢竞技Recipes,and Sense of Humour so very glad i came across your site,Cheers from Australia 🙂

  80. Liliana Ruiz


  81. Nassan Sousa


  82. Mary Kumuda Sujay

    I am from Bangalore,India.Love your 徳赢真人视讯videos!!

  83. 贝特里兹

    hi,Jenny.I am from Rio de Janeiro,Brazil.I love your 徳赢竞技recipes.

  84. Janet


  85. Louella Alvares

    hi Jenny,,
    Am passionate about cooking and luv your polish 徳赢竞技recipes.
    Just chanced on your site the other day and fell in love with the way you explain and the ease at which you churn out your dishes.Shall soon try them out and post the pictures.
    Thanks and best wishes
    An expat Indian living in Dubai

  86. Andy

    你好,来自纽卡斯尔,Northeast England.

  87. Tine

    Dearest Jenny,,
    很多年前我住在查塔努加时经常在电视上看你,TNI really loved your personality and that has not changed,You and I share the passion and love for cooking good food I You are beautiful and I love to watch your 徳赢真人视讯videos,我出生于塞尔维亚,,I became an American and I live with my husband in Germany.So you can count three countries right here.Keep this up as long as you can because we love you Jenny!!!
    Yours Tine

  88. Ahmed kh

    Dear Jenny
    Thank u for all nice 徳赢竞技recipes I am from Kirkuk / Iraq
    And I'm one of your fans

  89. Colette

    Jenny,I am 81 years old,from Switzerland,and have been delighted with your no knead 徳赢彩票投注bread 徳赢竞技recipes!Thank you so much and on top,your are such a nice person!Regards from grandmother Colette!!

  90. Robert Borie Maufras

    WOW,I LIKE YOUR 徳赢竞技RECIPES,来自哥伦比亚的HI,美国南部。

  91. Marina

    Greetings from Serbia!Learning how to cook stuff.Keep up the good work!:)

  92. Aarti

    found you…while searching for 徳赢彩票投注bread.and now I just love are so good.greetings from India.

  93. Evy

    I am a Sri Lankan and live in the capital city Colombo,斯里兰卡。Sri Lanka is a beautiful island in South Asiavin the Indian Ocean.All the best to you.

  94. Grandma Crick

    Hi Jenny,Love your 徳赢竞技recipes,还有你的录像……几徳赢真人视讯年前我经常在电视上看你,你现在看起来比那时更好看了。I'm from Green Bay,威斯康星州绿湾包装工的家……谢谢你的款待,you are a hoot…Chris

  95. House on the Lake

    Montreal 🇨🇦
    Watched your show years ago
    I love your 徳赢竞技recipes…Thank You for your time.

  96. Carmen Camilleri

    Greetings from Malta ☺

  97. Rosemary Edufa Afoakwa

    All the way from Africa Jenny.You are a great cook and an awesome entertainer.

  98. 堕落女神

    Love,thanks,and adoration from Adelaide Australia;D

  99. 危害


  100. Katherine


  101. Juliana

    hugs from Buenos Aires,Argentina.

  102. Giovanni

    Grotjes from Netherlands.

  103. Leonie

    来自澳大利亚的问候。What a wonderful and generous website,珍妮——迫不及待地想尝尝你的无揉面包——还有很多其他的食谱!徳赢竞技徳赢彩票投注!

  104. Kirk

    Greetings from Cincinnati Ohio!Having a great time using your recipies.Thank you

  105. Anne

    Hi Jennie From right here in the good old USA.I live in Northern New York .State.Up on the Canadian border.Love looking at your 徳赢竞技recipes.I am a 徳赢彩票投注bread baker.Have not had that great a luck with the whole wheat.I will be trying your recipe tomorrow.I'll let you know how it comes out.

  106. Ernest

    Everything you make is wonderful and easy.I pledge my love to you from far away Costa Rica.

  107. 唐娜

    Love from Barbados.

  108. Ebtisam

    I live in Venzuela.thank you very much for your 徳赢竞技recipes they r super good.

  109. Deniz Kartoğlu

    Warm regards from Istanbul,Turkey.

  110. Gerald

    Greetings from the UK

  111. gambral1

    Saludos desde Argentina.

  112. Galo

    Kind regards from Guayaquil-Ecuador.

  113. 伊丽莎白

    Blessings and hugs from the tropical caribbean island of Puerto Rico.

  114. 珍妮佛

    best wishes from West Australia.

  115. Kay

    我们住在中国,这种甜点在这里并不常见,所以当我给你们做软糖布朗尼时,他们给我留下了深刻的印象。Thank you sooo much

  116. 英格丽


  117. Yoly T.

    Hello Jenny,Greetings from Toronto Canada (Harbourfront).Wanted to express my gratitude.Love your 徳赢竞技recipes 徳赢真人视讯and videos.

  118. 马西米利亚诺·卡达诺


  119. 解冻母猪

    Jenny,I am from myanmar and I am trying to bake my own 徳赢彩票投注bread.Your video is very useful for me.Before watching yours,my own making 徳赢彩票投注bread is just only for my dog.Now,我很好,我会试着开一家面包店。徳赢彩票投注🙂;) Thank you.

    • Jenny

      Good luck with your 徳赢彩票投注bread shop!!

  120. Marija

    Hello Jenny!Greetings from Croatia!!
    我昨天已经给你寄了一张没有捏面饼的照片,徳赢彩票投注and it seems you liked it,你贴了它。

    Marija from Zagreb,Croatia

  121. ozorian georgeS

    sending you a big hug from Greece!!:)

  122. Kitty

    Best wishes from Dubai…

  123. Lisa

    I used to watch the Jenny Show many years ago.你看起来仍然很神奇,Time stood still for you,You are so beautiful,Your friend and fan.Lisa from Prince Edward Island Canada.

  124. Pilar

    Reciba un cordial saludo desde Venezuela!!

  125. Jane

    Happy New Year from Suffolk England.刚刚找到你的网站,印象深刻!已经尝过平底面包了。徳赢彩票投注Delicious

  126. Kathy Gore

    Greetings from Illinois,United States

  127. Sueallen

    Hey Jenny my name is Sueallen from Goa,India.

  128. Helmut


  129. Nymeria

    Greetings from Lima,Peru;Jenny,you're the best.

  130. Stephane

    Jenny i miss your talk show but i'm glad to have found your cooking channel.Love you so much and greetings from Ottawa,Ontario.

  131. David

    Hello from Cuenca,Ecuador!Made the meat sauce last night.Excellent.How about a healthy recipe for corn 徳赢彩票投注bread??

  132. Алка Аллочка

    hello,i tried your doughnut recipe today and they came out brilliant and tasty.i am from mauritius.

  133. Celia

    Whe are real fans of you en eat a lot of you're recipies here in Belgium!!
    Hope that you knever stopped!!!!

  134. Ruth

    大头鹦鹉,eres la mejor!!!Saludos desde Perú 😉

  135. Michelle

    Hi Jenny!I thought you looked familiar!Great to see you again.I can't wait to try out the pierogi recipe for my husband this Christmas.His family was Polish and they're all gone now,so it would make him very happy to have homemade again!!

    Greetings and Happy Holidays (all of them!) from Brooklyn,纽约!!

  136. Maura

    Best regards from Israel.

  137. Кајмакам Ефенди

    Greetings from Macedonia.

  138. 卷曲的

    Hello from Panama.

  139. Verinde

    Greetings from Sweden.

  140. Lennie-Ester

    Hello Jenny,,

    I,ve seen your site now better and thank you once again for the messurescale.Wish you luck with your youtube movies.I watch them now in Holland ( The Netherlands ) Tot ziens en veel geluk!= Ductch for See you and good luck!Lennie-Ester.

  141. Anna

    a greet from Palma de Mallorca

  142. Ann

    I think you are so jolly and I love your kitchen and all of the colourful spatulas.You are a feel good person.向南澳大利亚的安致以最良好的祝愿。

  143. Charlie

    I love your 徳赢竞技recipes and sense of humour 😉 You´re great!Beijos (kisses) from Brazil

  144. jasminets

    I'm a BIG fan of yours!Hello from Singapore!!

  145. Rongrong

    Very nice 徳赢竞技recipes,I going to try.Thx u Jenny from Thailand fan.

  146. akilesu

    hello from japan!WE LOVE YOU,MISS JENNY!!!!!!!!you just make cooking so fun.你会成为一名出色的烹饪节目主持人。pace is great,not tmi and you have the skill to impart confidence to beginner.

  147. Jennet

    Dear Jenny,,

  148. Barbara

    嗨,珍妮。I reside in nigeria.我昨天试了你的菜谱。天哪!,I am still smiling.My husband loves your apple pie.

  149. Sheila

    Hello from British Columbia,Canada.I am so enjoying your 徳赢竞技recipes.徳赢彩票投注Breads have always intimidated me,but you make it easy.I love all your 徳赢竞技recipes and 徳赢真人视讯the videos demonstrating the process of each.Cheers!!

  150. Bonnie

    Greetings from your supporter in Hong Kong

  151. Paw

    Greetings from the Philippines,i would just like to thank you for giving simple yet great tasting 徳赢竞技recipes.

  152. Barbara

    Hello from Bath,Maine!(We're still trying to sell a house in Port Jervis,NY so we can retire here permanently!我想我是通过googling"给我丈夫的波兰徳赢竞技菜谱。Turns out that I haven't made any of those but we're addicted to the Chicken Pot Pie and the 90-minute Wheat 徳赢彩票投注Bread!There are sooo many more 徳赢竞技recipes that I'm hoping to try.我已经“介绍“你送给我住在托普珊的侄女,Maine and together,we're going to try more!By the way,we both LOVE your sense of humor and your kitchen timers!!

  153. Svjetlana

    Greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina.你太棒了,我喜欢你所有的食谱!徳赢竞技!

  154. Tuya

    Hi dear Jenny.My name s Tuya.i m Mongolian I like your channel .
    i ve learned cabbage roll from you and I cook very well when i cook something always search you even i buy kitchen staff like you.thank you very much.

  155. Humberto

    you are the best JENNY

  156. melita

    Cheers from Australia.

  157. Marco

    Hola from puerto vallarta mexico.

  158. Julie

    来自Flushing的问候,Michigan!I absolutely adore you and your website.I love how you keep everything simplified,yet fabulous.With much gratitude,Julie

  159. Bogusia

    Hello from Edinburg,New York.

  160. Glyn

    Thank you so much for your 徳赢竞技recipes – they are fabulous – and so is your sense of humour.

  161. Elsie

    Hello from The Netherlands (aka Holland 🙂 ) .

    Was looking for a recipe for Cinnamon Rolls,came across your video for them on youtube.
    I just had to subscribe to your youtube channel.So many good cooking ideas.
    Loving it.

  162. amra ka

    Greetings from Sarajevo,Bosnia

  163. Elisa

    Ciao from Italy!love your 徳赢真人视讯videos (and actually really love your kitchen) mine is sooo small but it's always busy 🙂

  164. Annette

    Hi from Australia.

  165. Colleen

    Hi Jenny!!
    Truly have enjoyed watching you on tv and now in the kitchen!!
    Love your 徳赢竞技recipes good-easy-healthy!!
    Thanks for making cooking fun for me!Love your sense of humor!!

  166. Osman

    greetings from turkey – istanbul :))

  167. Alexandra

    hugs from Panama 🙂 xx

  168. Elzbieta

    greet you from Poland

  169. Adele

    We enjoy all your 徳赢竞技recipes.Keep posting!Regards from Nova Scotia,Canada.

  170. Linda

    Hi Jenny,,
    我以前常看你的电视节目。我偶然发现你的网站在搜索。What a pleasant surprise!I also found what I was looking for.Thanks.

  171. Chika Tanjung

    Regards from Indonesia 🙂

  172. Ivana

    Hello everybody,wherever you are…let me send you genuine greetings from Prague,Czech Republic.Jenny,thanks for your 徳赢真人视讯videos and 徳赢竞技recipes,it´s been very helfull and it motivates me and my daughters whenever we don´t know what to cook for our families.Goodbye- Ivana

  173. Jocelyn

    Lots of gratitude and appreciation from Malaysia

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    Love your site and 徳赢真人视讯videos!!

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      Peppers,especially the red and yellow ones add flavor and color to 徳赢竞技recipes and I can't think of a great substitute.You could try celery,carrots or maybe seeded tomatoes in a recipe.为芫荽花,of course parsley has lots of flavor,watercress is highly nutritious,and celery leaves might be a good substitute.That's all I can think of.

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