Sep 12,2013

Broccoli: Eat it or Wear it??

Fresh green vegetable,孤立在白色

Luckily,green goes with my hazel eyes.We already know that eating broccoli is one of the healthiest things you can do,especially when it comes to protection against cancer,but how about wearing it?Researchers at the University of Arizona and Johns Hopkins University are testing to see if rubbing it on your skin may reduce the risk of skin cancer.The key ingredient is sulforaphane,which prevents the growth of cancer cells.研究人员将在皮肤上测试一种花椰菜溶液,看它是否有效。

It could happen.But until it's proven,don't go to the beach with a bag of broccoli unless you plan to eat it.Continue using sunscreen andeatingyour broccoli. Imagine if they start selling broccoli sunscreen?What would they call it?Broc of Olay… La Roche-Brocay… Broccer-tone… Agreeno…  Broc-o-gena… Broccoli Boat… Any other suggestions??

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  1. 谢丽尔

    Yeah,Broc de Solie

  2. sue

    JJ,it took me a while,but I thought,how about"Granny's edible homemade green screen"?😉 Just don't eat too much or you will have"Granny's walking farts!!"lol!!🙂 I was listening to Sirius XM in my car on the way home from work and tuned into"Blue Collar Radio"and"Larry the cable guy"was on talking about his grandmas walking farts!!我笑得很厉害,我以为我会死。Good Lord,he is funny just like you.禁止诅咒,just good humor my sister!!I know this site is all about health and nutrition,but I had to share this anyway.


  3. Rhonda

    Yum!…I love broccoli.I love it steamed with a little cheese melted over it.Better yet a broccoli casserole is so filling.I could eat it for breakfast,lunch and dinner.感谢您的研究发现。I found it quit interesting to know it may be good for the skin as a sunscreen.如果它真的起作用,那就太棒了。I love your broccoli sunscreen names.Humm…how bout Bullfrogreen?…lol…you're silly and funny…lol…I love your humor 🙂

    Oh and Jenny I agree Hazel eyes and broccoli green goes well together.I've always liked your photo on your on your website.I actually have that photo posted as my main photo at yahoo clubs where your fan club is…

    Take care Jenny…

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